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It is perfectly normal to feel frustrated. After all, we live a life filled with a lot of expectations. If these expectations are not met, it is very easy for us to feel bad about it, to be disappointed. Sometimes we feel angry at the circumstances we find ourselves in.

However, it is not really a nice idea to harbor frustrations, especially if they carry more negative emotions and thoughts, such as anger and hatred to oneself. If you are finding it difficult to let go of them the following ideas may help you.

1. Talk things over with a friend. You do not have to keep your disappointments on your own. Surely you do have friends and family members who are more than willing to become your sounding board. The main point is to be able to tell the story in your own point of view, to let go of whatever pent-up emotions you have inside. Besides the more you talk about what happened, the more you lose the emotions that come along with them.

2. Go on and write. You may also want to write as a way of venting your frustrations. This is a lot better than doing something more harmful such as going on a drinking spree. By writing, you get into your innermost thoughts and feelings. You get to reveal on your own the main reason for your frustration. Perhaps you grow up with a lot of insecurities, or you are looking for ways to be assured that you are good at something.

By writing, too, you can keep track of the changes that are happening in your life. You can look back and see if you have made progress when it comes to dealing with frustrations.

3. De-stress yourself. The negative thoughts and emotions can sometimes take their toll on you. You definitely need to learn how to relax and de-stress. A very easy step is to breathe in and out. Take slow deep breaths the moment you can feel the insecurities or anger building up. The moment you breathe out, imagine you are also expelling these bad energies. You will notice that you have become a lot calmer.

You can also utilize subliminal messages along with your de-stressing techniques. The subliminal messages can be tapped whenever you have lost your sense of rationality and you are making rash decisions because of your frustrations.

Some of the common subliminal messages used are the following:

I will not let my disappointments control me.
I view my losses and failures as lessons to be learned.
I know I would become a much better person after this.
I imagine myself getting rid of the frustrations and anger.

Subliminal messages go well during meditation, where your mind is empty and it is convenient for you to pick the messages up. Nevertheless, you can always recite them whenever the need arises.

Do not allow the frustration to linger and bring you down. Follow these tips, so you do not end up losing your self-confidence in the process.

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