The Tantric path is to reunite with our Divine spark. It encourages us to identify with our Higher Self, our Divine essence. When you identify with your Higher Self, you live in a heightened vibrational field and you are open to the intuition coming to you from your Divine self, guiding you to the fulfillment of your life and your mission.

Your job is to listen and to do inspired action. If we do not spend time being silent so that real knowledge comes through, we are more like monkeys, jumping from branch to branch in the tree of our mind, but actually going nowhere. We repeat thoughts and get stuck in feelings that are thickening and lowering our vibrations, taking us out of the state where everything is possible.

Tantra says that habits suffocate the life force that is supposed to flow unhindered through your system. Habits cut us off from that stream energy that fulfills us and opens us up with compassion and love, our true essence.

Tantra encourages you to train your mind to be present in the now where all the pleasure of being alive resides. When you are present in the now, you are spontaneous, inspired and unlimited.

The Ego has other intentions. It wants to push you to do and have more. According to the Ego, there is no time to spend in the now, because you are wasting time that you should be using to concentrate on future survival.

But leaving the decision making process to the ego-limited left side of our brain can keep you restricted in a boring life, filled with habitual actions interrupted by small or bigger crisis and some surface pleasure.

Instead, Tantra invites you to train your higher mind to stay focused, and not surrender to the thinking of the Ego. When you are in the present and connected to the heart, you are accessing the great wisdom of your Higher Self. You make the best decisions, balanced, and in tune with the fulfillment of your life.

Tantra teaches us that we are called to be co-creators with the Divinity. This requires a completely renewed view of sexuality. This is what Tantra understands about sexuality: The infinite knowing, the Divine, decided to create men and women in physical form and invited us to expand into the Divine greatness while having a physical experience in these created bodies. Both our physical experience and our energy are divided into the two halves of masculine and feminine.

Two halves – meaning we need to draw both together to experience the Divine whole. The male energy part of humanity is an integral part of our divinity, but it has completely dominated our recent history, excluding the softer female energy, and that has brought things out of balance.

Tantra brings the restoration of the sacred feminine to merge and soften the masculine, bringing it back to a sacred balance, to unity. By merging the sacred feminine with the sacred masculine we can achieve pleasure, clarity of purpose, wholeness, passion, wisdom, and compassion.

Yes, Paradise on earth. We do not have to wait until our bodies die to experience freedom, light and joy. Once we merge with God, whether you see God in your beloved or as a benign infinite power, we can both merge and co-create with our Divine power.

Co-creation means that you are tuning in to the Divine urge to express your highest potential for healing, for love, for joy and abundance. We are here in a school that teaches us to evolve by going deep within and finding our true purpose. When we find it, we can contribute the joy we feel to everyone around us and into the whole universe.

Daily practice is required to remember who we really are and how much God loves us. We are so loved that we get to choose what is in the kingdom of our own minds. Choose love, learn to listen, and you will be amazed how satisfying your life becomes!

Author's Bio: 

Carla Tara is an intimacy expert and Tantric coach working in New York City and Maui. She leads seminars and offers one-on-one sessions by appointment.

Renowned for her laser-like focus, Carla guides individuals and couples to their highest potential for intense intimacy, passion and spiritual connection. Her work combines her expertise as a psychotherapist, with years of advanced study with Tantra masters in the United States and India.

Carla’s passion for deep and vibrant love creates a space of transformation for her clients to achieve a juicy abundance and deep fulfillment in their relationships.