By Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
February 08, 2016
Learning to discern the difference between mind and soul communication is essential to learning to love yourself. Learn how to tell when information is truth from Spirit or made up from the mind.
One day, when I was dialoguing with my Guidance, I asked her to teach me about the soul. She gave me a beautiful clear picture of Essence being the aspect of the soul energy that is within our body, and showed me that the soul energy extends through the body and also surrounds it. She showed me that the part of the soul energy that extends outside of the body is the aspect that is in connection with the universe.

She showed me that our soul holds our gifts and talents and is an individualized expression of God. Our soul has been evolving throughout time and enters the body at its own particular stage of consciousness. I saw the soul as a bright light that enlivens the body and extends out to receive the information from Spirit regarding what is true and what loving is loving to each of us.

We can receive this information at any moment when our intent is to know truth, and to know what is loving to ourselves and to others. Truth does not originate from the mind, and the mind is not capable of discerning truth. The mind creates concepts, beliefs and ideas based on what we have been taught and on our earthly experiences. The mind is programmed to think in very limited ways, often based on judgments of right and wrong, good and bad.

When the mind has a true thought, this thought has actually not originated in the mind. It came from our spiritual Guidance and popped into our mind. If we are present as a loving adult, we then take loving action based on the information. If we are not present as a loving adult, we might discount the information, since the mind is not capable of discerning the truth as it comes in.

For example, it's evening and you are playing on Facebook. You need to be up early the next morning. The thought, originating from Spirit, pops into your mind, "It's time to get to sleep." But you are not present as a loving adult. The wounded self is present, the part of you that is addicted to Facebook. Instead of taking action on the true information, you ignore it with an untrue thought originating in the mind, "It's not that late. A little longer won't hurt me." A loving adult with an intent to learn about what is in your highest good would listen to the true information about loving yourself and take action on it.

My Guidance showed me that when our intent is to learn what is loving to ourselves and others, we stay connected with the information that is always coming in from Spirit and take action on it. But when our intent is to protect against pain, we do not respond to the true information that is coming in. Instead, we discount it and rely instead on the thoughts that originate in the mind - which leads to self-abandonment.

The part of our mind that is our ego wounded self is so arrogant as to believe that the thoughts that it originates - the lies and false beliefs - will bring more safety and happiness than the truth that originates in Spirit.

The challenge of the loving adult is to learn to discern the difference between thoughts that originate in the mind and thoughts that come into the mind from Spirit. This ability to discern takes time and practice. We need to be willing to make mistakes as we are in this learning process. With time, you will learn to discern the difference in frequency between what is true and loving and what is not. Part of learning this discernment is being tuned into your feelings, which are a powerful communication system. While truth and loving behavior don't always feel good in the moment, they feel right. It might feel better in the moment to play on the Internet than to go to sleep, but in the long run it will feel better the next day when you have had enough sleep.

When you learn to discern the difference between mind and soul information, you will know how to take loving care of yourself!

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