Learn to pole dance; There is hardly any dance pole in the market that is specially made keeping both the professionals and the beginners in mind. X-pole is one of such brands that always bring the best dance equipment on the market. X-Pole poles are suitable for both amateurs and professionals. This famous brand brings to you the best dancing poles that are currently available. The dance equipment that is designed by this company is amazingly durable and high in strength. The immense strength of this product cannot be described in words. In this review I would like to talk about one of the products designed by X-pole - Sport Dance Pole.

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X-pole sport dance pole is an amazing product that will help you reduce lots of weight without any crash dieting. This dance equipment is made of 45mm diameter pole that has titanium gold finish. This dancing pole is one of the best fitness poles for all types of dancers including beginners and professionals.

The titanium gold finish is a must for every pole as it gives it that extra stylish look. You can get all this for just three hundred and twenty-six dollars from Amazon.com. Your dream can come true just by clicking a few buttons on your keyboard. A list is included in the kit which has every detail of all the parts that are required to install the dance pole. This list is a must so you have to check carefully if you got the list and a DVD with the dance pole kit.

Important thing about this pole is that it does not spin at all. This is the new bottom loading version. This pole is stationary and it features the famous revolutionary X-joint. The pole can be locked into the desired position without leaving the ground. It can be installed from a seven feet high to a nine feet high ceiling. You can use it both on hardwood floor as well as on carpeted floor. This is an amazing product that is suitable for all the floor types.

In case, you see some parts missing, you must contact the seller about it before returning it back to Amazon. However, this is a very rare situation.

Brand name: X-pole
Price: You can get this product for just $326.56 from Amazon.com
Type: Adjustable and portable
Material used: Titanium gold finish
Includes: 45mm diameter pole, a parts list and a DVD

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