Learn to raise your home of good energies and vibrations

We all seek to make our space a beautiful place to live. We seek to transform it to make us feel protected and safe. Some people look for ways to do it through decoration based on certain beliefs and rituals. As long as it is something reasonable and that helps reaffirm our desire for a better place to live, we believe it may be valid.

Some talk about high vibrations and energy when they want to refer to, how it feels to be with a particular person or a specific place . And it may be true, remember that everything is energy. The higher the level of “vibration” a person or place has, the better we will feel. Here are some ways to
how to create a vibe in your urban home.

1. Be ordered

Eliminate the mess. Getting rid of duplicate elements and things that no longer have any use can free up space, and make us feel much happier and more comfortable. Limit your wardrobe a bit, get rid of the objects you have 'just in case' that you never really use , and always choose quality over quantity. Other ways to eliminate the clutter of your home include loans instead of purchases, the use of multipurpose products and the expense of experiences instead of 'things'.

2. Burn herbs for a home with energy and high vibration

The burning of herbs, a practice known as sahumerio , has been used for thousands of years to clean the air of impurities such as bacteria and viruses. The sahumerio is also used as a traditional mystical ritual, which changes, cleanses and alters the surrounding air. Being a ritual, some people do not take it seriously, but it is a matter of ways of weighing, and although it does not mean that it is law the meaning of a ritual, if done for good, will cause a positive effect.

3. Spread essential oils

Essential oils work to clean your home and help you feel light and elevated by spreading its unique and pleasant aroma. Many also have potent antimicrobial properties that eliminate viruses and bacteria in the air.

To raise energy and vibrations in your living space, try to spread rose, basil, cypress, incense, juniper, lavender, myrrh, sage, mint, sandalwood, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus.

If you don't have a diffuser, you can also add the mixture in a spray and spray it around the house.

Mix a tablespoon of vodka, six tablespoons of filtered water and 10 to 40 drops of essential oils of your choice in a small spray bottle. Shake well before each use.

4. Light salt lamps from the Himalayas

These soft glow salt lamps are a natural source of fresh, clean air - just what you need to clean your home while providing an aura of calm.

Since they attract water, they have incredible power to remove dust, pollen, smoke and other impurities from the air. Himalayan salt lamps also emit negative ions, which means that they increase energy levels, eliminate static electricity, neutralize electromagnetic radiation, stimulate sleep and improve overall mood.

5. Listen to music to increase frequencies

Music is more than just entertainment or an art form . It can have a calming and healing effect on the whole body and alters the vibrations in any space it fills.

Several studies have shown that the right kind of music provides pain relief; it benefits the heart, the blood and the immune system; improves learning; combat fatigue; and promotes sleep.

Of course, your ability to improve our mood is beyond doubt. To get most of the effects of positive vibration , choose classical music, Jazz, Folk, Orchestral, Soul or Opera music. If these genres do nothing for you, then put anything that makes you feel good.

6. Put fresh plants and flowers for good energy in the environment

Enjoying nature and all it has to offer is a sure way to enjoy positive vibes, mindfulness, and a raised mood. Eco-therapy (being in nature) has drawn the attention of the scientific community since many studies find that it fights depression and improves mental health and well-being.

If this is the case, why not bring nature into your home to receive positive energy? One way to do this is to fill your own space with potted plants and fresh flowers, its bright colors and fragrance also make your home a cozy space

7. Consider the crystals to raise the vibrations

The use of crystals for healing and positivity dates back to ancient times. The Sumerians made “magic potions” of quartz, the Greeks used the amethyst as amulets, and the Chinese used jade in medicine.

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