Foreign language courses have become highly sought-after in colleges, universities, and foreign language learning academies. For travel, personal pleasures, higher education, immigration and job prospects, learning a language like Turkish is on the top of the priority among many language enthusiasts.

Studies demonstrate that it is the career prospects and job opportunities that make Turkish language highly sought-after. It also states the main reason behind people learning foreign language is because they help in creating jobs in diverse sectors and adds a new skill to their resume along with their academic qualification.

Among plethora of options, working as an international marketing & sales personnel is one of the best ideas after completing a Turkish Language Course in Kolkata. This is a dream job because becoming a global sales marketer and handling B2B clients hailing from Turkey is often challenging.

Besides a graduation degree from a reputed college and MBA, if someone has excellent command over Turkish language can easily excel and thrive in the job. Any marketing and sales job is all about great communication & analytical skills and ability to acquire new clients & convince them to seal the deal. But sometimes employees can get daunted by the fact that they will have to deal with foreign clients and interact with them in their native language. Knowing a language like Turkish is a great for the job, since there are an influx of Turkish clients who're looking to invest in India and collaborate bilaterally in business because they believe it is one of the top places to expand their business internationally.

With India becoming a top destination of investment for the global companies, it is rest assured that learning Turkish language can stand job seekers in a good stead. Besides India, they can also get jobs in foreign countries.

Experts believe it is due to globalization that a profile like international sales and marketing has become highly sought-after. They feel in the increasingly globally linked world, there is no unreachable place. Many Turkish-speaking countries, Turkish-speaking regions, and Turkish nations are particularly seeking bilateral cooperation with India.

Qualities & skills to become international marketer & sales executive

If a job aspirant is excited about a career that involves extensive traveling, great communication, convincing and analytical skills and exploring other cultures, then a job of an international marketer & sales executive is surely appealing. In addition, it is mandatory for the candidate to know a language like Turkish and have undertaken a Turkish Language Course in Kolkata.

With Globalization spreading at a rapid pace and having a major impact on the businesses of all sizes, there are new unprecedented opportunities in expanding overseas markets. As international business expands its operations, the demand for international sales representatives is on a surge.

Where to find employment?

International marketing & sales personnel are likely to get jobs in creme de la creme top MNC and giant firms operating in several countries of Asia, Europe, Africa and U.S.A. Multinational firms usually have sales operations running in their strongest current and prospective markets around the globe. They often require the skills of international sales representatives to represent their companies, develop relationships with potential customers, and sell products and services.

The import & export industry always look to recruit competent professionals who know Turkish language, have the ability to negotiate with B2B clients and can travel abroad with enthusiasm & zeal.

To thrive in the competitive job market, academic credentials alone are not enough, candidates need something more inn their CV to impress the recruiters. Hence, pursuing Turkish language course in Kolkata can open up many doors of employment & job seekers can surely reap the benefits with the certification. Hopefully the article will guide them in the right direction & motivate them to embark on a journey of becoming an international marketer & sales representative.

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Laxmon Gope is a Turkish language teaching and learning expert author and university professor. Besides writing this informative article on Turkish language course in Kolkata, he has created other interesting ones too on academic topics.