Language is communication which is connecting the world. It helps in building trust & mending strained relationships. In the corporate world too, communication is considered a vital aspect. In marketing public relations jobs it is indispensable. Similarly, in customer relations jobs, communication is the main criteria for recruiting & choosing candidates.

In this era of globalization Asian languages have become highly sought-after. Vietnamese is one such language that can ensure professional success & achievements for speakers. Opting for a Vietnamese Language Course in Kolkata will help students learn the accent, pronunciation, grammar & vocabulary of the language. Those who are beginners can start from the fundamentals with basic learning modules incorporated in it. The course features both basic & advanced level learning modules on syntax rules & different words & phrases & their uses for expanding knowledge on vocabulary

What are the career options after studying the Vietnamese language?
The job opportunities galore for those who can speak Vietnamese fluently and write with accurate use of grammar & vocabulary. The most preferred position is that of a translator. Translating books, essays, articles, writing subtitles for films from Vietnamese to English, and vice-versa requires good writing skills with accurate use of grammar & greater stock of words along with creativity & patience. Those who are experts in the cultural nuances of the language can consider the job. However the huge challenge is to not only translate the meaning well, but also make the translated language sound spontaneous and flowing.

Becoming an interpreter is another fabulous career choice. There are a plethora of vacancies in companies that are into businesses with foreign countries. They hire people fluent in the Vietnamese language and can translate oral sentences heard in “real-time”. The jobs of interpreters are rewarding financially. However, the tasks & responsibilities are challenging, as the facts, an interpreter passes to the other side can have a great impact on vital and expensive decisions, and in the case of diplomacy - influence contracts that might decide human lives. Therefore, those who want to flourish need to possess a very high skill in the Vietnamese language, have a quick mind, and the ability to work under deadlines, and being able to vocally put together ideas fast by keeping the quality intact. After completing a Vietnamese Language Course in Kolkata candidates will be able to add a lot of value to their CV and can opt for the job of interpreter in leading companies.

Fluency in Vietnamese is good enough to earn speakers jobs as tourist guides, flight attendants, airfare & ticketing staff and so on. With domestic & international tourism booming & growing at a faster rate, these are lucrative jobs with attractive salary packages & other facilities. Good conversational skills & the ability to provide hospitality & resolve queries & grievances of travelers are what candidates need to flourish in these jobs with confidence.

Working as customer care agents is another fine career choice for those who can speak the language fluently. In most leading BPO, & outsourcing firms, there is a huge demand for the Vietnamese language, and candidates speaking it well stand a good chance of getting selected. The tasks revolve around speaking with customers over the phone, conducting surveys, providing them technical support & pitching them products & services of the company.

Planning to pursue a Vietnamese Language Course in Kolkata? It is the best way to develop skills in the language and gear up for a bright career in diverse industries both in India & abroad. At IITT Language Academy. we offer a Vietnamese language course which comes with basic, diploma & advanced diploma certification. Get trained by experts & master the language within a short time. IITT Language Academy also specializes in French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Thai, Korean & others.

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