There is something about seafood that makes it appealing to plenty of people. Even those with allergy symptoms to it seem to have a hard time staying away owing to its taste. One of the reasons is that the omega 3 fatty acid from seafood can make someone more vigorous. Aside from omega 3 that is good for the heart, did you know that seafood with the distinct orange color also has astaxanthin, a component that is considered a nutrient powerhouse?

Many studies and journal have featured astaxanthin for its wholesome contribution to the body. Papers such as Natural News have also written articles admiring this pigment. How exactly does this help you? Not only is this carotenoid a powerful antioxidant, it also acts as a supplementation against skin aging. It can surpass the health merits of vitamins C and E. This pigment can cross the blood brain barrier, making it possible to cure Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disorder, stroke, and eye-related macular degeneration.

Due to its natural shade, astaxanthin is also used as a dye for animal feeds. There are no hypersensitive responses, whether you obtain astaxanthin from animals that ate astaxanthin-dyed feed, or from seafood. Added to astaxanthin's antioxidant properties is the ability to lower high cholesterol in the blood. It may also treat carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle injury, male sterility, and arthritis.

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Recurring use of the drug may also lessen the risk of cancer. As a sunburn salve, apply it directly to skin. It can prevent retinal injury and the damage as a result of sun radiation. Another reason why it is thought of as a powerhouse of merits is since it improves the immune system. This is done by increasing the antibody producing cells in your body through T-cells and T-helper cells.

Reasonable use of seafoods won’t cause unwanted effects because of astaxanthin. Your stool may show an orange tinge but that's about it. Now you realize that seafood may be enormously beneficial.

It’s great to know that the uncomfortable side effects of astaxanthin supplements are non-toxic too. When taking products, males can develop enlarged breasts, reduced libido, increased hair growth, and anemia. These are avoidable as long as you consult a medical expert before taking any supplement.

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If you've got known allergy symptoms to some carotenoids, get tested. If you're pregnant, it is advisable never to use astaxanthin because it can mess with your little one's hormonal development. If you are consuming tablets for high high cholesterol, bronchial asthma, menopause, or birth control, it’s best to contact your physician before deciding on using it. It doesn't hurt to stay safe especially if you are planning on taking astaxanthin.

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