Construction drawings or building drawings are created by Architects to showcase their ideas, project nuances, and other information required onsite for installation and record keeping after a handover. Construction drawings are a holistic term that structure a specific part of building data, that is enriched into crucial documentation and later on as agreement data sets for construction work. This means they hold law-driven importance and form between the general contractor and the client.

While the creation and use of construction drawings are important for construction activities, project stakeholders need to store these datasets in an organized and updated manner. A myriad of cloud-based construction management tools offer capabilities to store 2D deliverables, yet the design and construction teams fail to utilize an updated set of drawings. This leads to poor communication, collaboration, rework, and cost and time delays. Construction management apps from iFieldSmart Technologies understand design and construction pain points to store, download, and access 2D drawings.

QR code integration from iFieldSmart Technologies supports construction teams with new technology and solutions to access and use a fresh set of drawings that ensure time and cost savings and improved construction quality.

With years of expertise and experience in the field of construction management, iFieldSmart Technologies provides best-in-class cloud-based 2D storage and access for multiple teams. Keeping track of 2D deliverables promotes higher working productivity, time, and cost savings, reinforced by enhanced construction quality. Schedule a demo to unlock construction management capabilities and achieve a seamless 2D experience.

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