Many homes each year become infested with rats and mice, and the common reaction is to exterminate the issue as soon as possible. However, many people leave the problem, as they either think it will resolve itself, or they think it will cost too much to put right through a rodent control service or rodent exterminator. In fact, this is a fatal mistake to make, as rats and mice can cause huge damage to your home, which will have you paying out large sums of cash on repairs and maintenance, rather than the small bill you would have paid to have the rodents removed in the first place. It's time to take rat and mice problems seriously, as that's exactly what they are. Rats and mice cause over 50,000 fires each year from chewing through wires, and you wouldn't want one of those numbers to be your home. Instead of leaving the issue, and putting things off, why not call a professional rodent exterminator or rodent control service to come to your residence, and put things right.

Rats and mice can expand from small numbers to 20 or 30 in just a few months, which will mean utter chaos for you and your family. Rats spread diseases, and carry lice, mites and infections, and you won't want to put your family at risk from those illnesses would you? Most people would say no, and rightfully so, you should always do your utmost to protect your family and homes from rodents. With many different types of rats and mice running around, it's only a matter of time before they try and enter your home, and when they do, you must be prepared. Always be on the lookout for rodents in your home, as you really don't want to leave things for too long, and a fire to breakout due to a rat chewing through a cable.

Rats can live in cupboards, attics, lofts and any other area of your home that they find warming and cosy. You can do certain things to make your home an inhospitable environment for mice and rats. Keep pet food in rodent protective containers so that they can't get the scent, and think there's no food or nutrients available. Put all food away in cupboards and storage, so that the rodents think there's nothing to eat anywhere in your home. As soon as they find out there's nothing available to eat, they will leave and not come back.

A rodent control and rodent exterminator service that has an ever growing reputation is Wheelers Pest Control. Wheelers Pest Control have been serving the Orange County for some time now, and had great successes along the way. Never leaving a job till the area is secure is just one of their traits, so you now that if you hire Wheelers Pest Control, you home will be rodent free by the time they leave. If you want to instil safety and security in your home from rodents, call Wheelers Pest Control today.

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