Human Growth Hormones (HGH) have been a controversial topic amongst athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world for almost a decade. The use of HGH in sports has been widely documented with a large number of high profile professional athletes, along with Olympians admitting to the use of this anti-aging wonder drug. During the 1920s growth hormone was first observed but it wasn’t until the 1950s where it’s benefits were discovered. Fast-forward to 1985, a major breakthrough in hormone replacement therapy when Genetech began to market genetically engineered HGH. During this time a great amount of research was conducted on the anti-aging properties of human growth hormones. With 30 years of research and experience with adults and children deficient in growth hormone, no significant side effects were found so doctors started to administer HGH to healthy adults.

Here are the benefits of HGH use:

Increase muscle strength
Lowers body fat levels
Boost energy
Enhance libido
Raise Igf-1 levels
Builds muscle
Feeling of well being

HGH is available through prescription in the United States. Before you get excited about getting Human Growth Hormones, most family doctors will not prescribe HGH. In order to receive HGH, you will most likely have to go to a special rejuvenation clinic. Most of these clinics are located in Florida and require extensive blood work and many insurance companies will not cover anti-aging treatments not to mention that this therapy can be very expensive. With a prescription, the cost of recombinant growth hormone can cost between 12,000 and 30,000 dollars a year. Plus daily injections are needed for the use of HGH, which can become annoying.

An alternative to getting a prescription is to do what many bodybuilders do and that is to skip the pharmacy and to purchase HGH through the black market. Black market HGH is relatively cheaper then prescription HGH, but that does come with some danger. When buying bodybuilding drugs on the black market, athletes should purchase with caution because many of these products are counterfeit. Also being caught with HGH without a prescription can lead to some serious jail time along with some expensive fines. Because of the high cost of GH and the harsh penalties for illegal use, exciting new methods of hgh use had been developed.

During the late 1990s, Schwartz Labs developed a revolutionary homeopathic growth hormone. Schwartz Labs growth hormone is a dietary supplement that may help to naturally support your body’s production of HGH. Placing liquid drops under your tongue twice daily is much easier than injecting HGH in your stomach. Human Growth Hormones can deliver some of the most desired results that you would receive from injectable HGH without the steep price and doctors visits.

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