In today’s hectic lifestyle, stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on a person’s mental health. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a traffic jam, you run a small business, or you’re the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, managing your mind in a healthy way is an important part of living a good life.

Pharmaceutical companies seem to come out with a new drug every other week in order to help us combat stress, depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, most of these drugs come with an extensive list of warnings and health risks. To me, it doesn’t make sense to take one drug that may cause additional health risks when you are using it to combat your current health issues.

Alternative health supplements have been making great strides in the area of mental health and well-being. You no longer need the hassle of expensive prescriptions, time-consuming doctor visits, or even a full-time psychiatrist. Many over-the-counter supplements have been providing consumers with natural health solutions for stress support and mood balance.

Consumers who have used these neuronutrients have reported the following benefits:

· Better mental clarity
· Increased mental focus
· Able to manage stress in a healthier way
· Relief from depression
· Safe, non-prescription alternatives

So what kind of neuronutrients should you be on the lookout for?

5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) is a nutrient that is converted by the brain into serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that induces a feeling of well-being and satiety in the brain. It also acts with the Central Nervous System to help calm the body and induce sleep. If you suffer from anxiety, insomnia, or depression, this could be a huge benefit to your mental state as well as your sleep quality.

As we age, sometimes our mind doesn’t work the way it used to. We have trouble remembering things and in very bad cases, Alzheimer’s Disease may even set in. Ginkgo Biloba is an herb which has been used for years in helping to restore and enhance blood circulation and oxygen to the brain.

Ginkgo has shown many promising benefits in combating the following mental disorders:

· Alzheimer’s Disease
· Dementia
· Memory loss

Another very popular and all natural way to combat anxiety and stress is St. John’s Wort. St. John’s Wort is a flowering plant which is native to Europe, Western Asia and North Africa. It has been used for centuries with much success in treating depression. St. John's Wort contains naturally occurring hypericin, which inhibits monoamine oxidase, a bodily chemical associated with depression.

In clinical studies, patients suffering from depression have noticed the following positive effects:

· Increased appetite
· More interest and zest for life
· Greater self-esteem
· Regulated sleep patterns

With all the talk these days of drugs for this and that, why not try the natural route before you go rushing off to your doctor or shrink for the latest prescription. It may save you a lot of time and money, and you may end up mentally stronger than you ever could’ve imagined.

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Tim Mielke
Competitive Bodybuilder and Author

Tim Mielke has been involved in the supplement industry for over 15 years. As a former competitive body builder and personal trainer, Tim has extensive first-hand knowledge of the benefits and pitfalls of fitness supplementation. Knowledge so extensive, in fact, that his book, “The Book of Supplement Secrets: A Beginners Guide to Nutritional Supplements,” was recently published and is currently available through Tim brings this supplement and bodybuilding know-how to as a contributing author and researcher.