Couples who actually care for their relationship always make time to make great love with their partner. There are 5 things to keep in mind for improving your lovemaking techniques and satisfying her the right way.

1. Don't just talk! Communicate

It's the need for sex, closeness, emotional connections that draw people together. Love, friendship, communication and attraction are the glue that keep the bond between lovers strong and stable. Make it habit to chat to one another everyday about how you're feeling. Of course both of you are probably very busy people, but that's precisely why it's important to talk.

Don't assume that simply because your other half loves you, that they will be able to read your mind and understand your feelings. The simplest way to appreciate ther other is simply through good communication.

2. Kiss like Teenagers

Did you know that the Kama Sutra lists 19 different types of kissing?

The kiss is one thing that couples must not take for granted. Couples who've been together for a very long time simply make love and often head straight to the intercourse. The kiss is an incredibly intimate event, one which can express passion, love, intensity and arousal - all in one go!

When meeting your lover after a long day, in bed at night, or while going out to the mall - simply take the time to kiss gently and with intention. It will make your partner feel incredibly special.

3. Sensual Touch

There's a wealth of information on the different "erotic zones" which females respond to and enjoy. These are "hot spots" that can set her off into a frenzy, if carried out the right way. Learning all about touch and the different sensual massage techniques to female arousal will hugely increase your love making skills as well as her pleasure.

Hot spots on a woman inlcude the lower back, inner thighs, neck, hands and forehead (obviously excluding the intimate areas which should only be explored after at least 15 - 20 minutes of gentle carressing of the hot spots). Slow and sensual touching allows a woman's arousal to slowly and deeply build up to a level which allows her to experience incredible pleasure and satisfaction during intercourse. By not indulging and pamering your lover with atleast 20 minutes of foreplay, you will prevent an increase in arousal, and therefore satisfaction, and may reduce her interest in you and physical intimacy all together.

4. Ask questions

Find out what she likes during intercourse. Often women don't enjoy sex because there are things or aspects of your technique that she is not comfortable with or does not like, or perhaps there are reasons personal to her. If you don't ask you won't know!

Encourage your lover to explore her sexual curiousity. Perhaps there are sex positions that she isn't ok with but she is scared to tell you, or ones that she is interested in trying out. What is vitally important is that she is comfortable and relaxed enough to forget all her inhibitions and just surrender to fabulous lovemaking with you. Often ladies are nervous to give their all during sexual play because they are not emotionally motivated. An appreciated woman is a passionate woman! Make her feel loved, beautiful and let her know that she's the sexiest lady for you. Take the time to listen to her, help her out, and to give her some time and focus.

5. Oral Pleasure

Nothing tops off great love making like female oral sex pleasure. That's why it is vital that you understand how to touch her in the right places and give longer oral sex for her to get fully aroused and responsive to intercourse.

Remember that less is more. Start slowly by gently kissing and nibbling the inner thighs moving slowing along them, teasing her at the same time. Stroke her stomach, thighs and hips. Stimulate the outer vaginal lips for at least 5 - 10 minutes before proceeding on to the clittoris. Apply a variety of tongue strokes to the clittoris, making sure that you move in a rythym, i.e. apply 5 left to right strokes of the tongue, rest, and then repeat. Do this 3 -4 times, and then change the movement of your tongue. Add variety and keep her guessing.

Now there you have it gentlemen. The keys tips to better love making and female pleasure.

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