The thought of working from home is truly a desire held by many. A high percentage of men and women of all ages are seeking home-based jobs. Some would love to work full-time from home, while others are interested in working part-time. Working from home will allow you to spend more time with your family, earn extra income, save on gas money, experience personal freedom and much more. There are many people worldwide looking for available work-at-home opportunities, but are having a difficult time finding a true-blue company that pays as promised. Unfortunately, those who have found a home-based job are usually left disappointed. Some companies may require a start-up or monthly fee and promise a steady flow of income, yet leaving the pursuer frustrated with a broken promise and an empty pocket. Although, there are a few legit work-at-home jobs that can help you earn extra income, however, they are extremely rare to find.

Is it possible that there are work-at-home opportunities available in the world other then the “Stuffing Envelopes” scam that is forever advertised in newspapers, magazines and tabloids? Many have lost hope of ever finding a legit paying work-at-home opportunity, but that is all about to change.

Stop looking for home-jobs that will leave you disappointed and start your own online/offline business today! Anyone can start his or her own business. The first thought is usually “what can I sell” and “where do I begin?” Ideally, you need to create and sell your own product. Creating your own product will avoid the middleman and increase your profit. You want to sell a product that consumers are always searching for such as party favors. Consumers worldwide seek to purchase affordable party favors to distribute to their guests for gatherings such as: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal/wedding showers and many more. Party favors compliment any occasion and always sell in abundance! Selling in abundance means “abundance in profit” for you! To make your favors unique and stand out from the rest, you can create party favors from soap, otherwise called a “soap favor.” This type of favor is made from a special soap base, colored, scented and molded into any shape, size or theme that you desire. A favor-maker can choose from 100’s of exotic to every day scents such as; flowers, baby powder, wedding cake, perfumes, fruit, spices, candy and much more. Best of all, soap favors are usable and a “usable favor is a favor that sells!” Starting your own party soap favor business is exciting, fun and can be very profitable. Anyone can create soap favors! You can sell your favors locally, on auction sites, create your own website or sell them at craft shows, flea markets, place newspaper ads and much more! The possibilities are endless!

Turn your desire to work from home into reality! It is time for you to be the boss and unleash all of your creative ideas! Making soap favors are fast, easy & fun. We wish you suds of success!

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Many years ago, twin authors Carla and Angela Annerino began creating soap favors as a hobby that quickly turned into a full-time online business. After many years of successfully creating adorable soap favors, they decided to share their favor-making secrets, so that you can begin making “Suds of Money!”

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