Stress is an important part of our lives and affects us on several different ways. There are basically two types of stress, first is the Eustress or positive stress that has a supporting effect on our life, other type is negative Distress and this is the stress as we actually know it and want to reduce it.

First we should ask what ourselves what are the causes of stress, why does it occur?

There are many causes of stress in our everyday life and they vary from personal problems or difficulty financial situation. Some of the most common causes of stress are:

  • Relationship hurdles.
  • Stress due to poor physical health.
  • Pressure at workplace.
  • Strained relations with peers.
  • Financial problems.

When we recognize the causes we can start reducing the stress by using some of the most effective stress relief techniques like:

Those are just some of the stress relief techniques but there are also many more which might be better to try first. One great way of reducing stress is by squeezing stress relief balls which offer a great way of relaxation. By squeezing them we reach acupunctural effect on our body and the tension is released easier. Stress Relief Balls come in many shapes and colors but even better is to make your own stress ball at home. The method is quite easy and with a little effort and some time you can make your first homemade stress ball.

How to make your own Stress Balls?
The materials you will require for making a competent stress ball are:-A small balloon (water balloons do not work), a tiny funnel, cornstarch, tying ribbon or thread, stickers and colors.

The Homemade Stress Ball Method:

  1. Keep blowing air into the balloon till its centre portion is about 5-inches in diameter. Do not immediately tie the top.
  2. Hold your fingers about an inch below the top and pinch the mouth of the balloon with your fingers.
  3. Insert the funnel into the open mouth of the balloon and let top shut tightly around the open funnel leg.
  4. Feed the funnel's opening with cornstarch.
  5. Release your fingers bit by bit to allow the cornstarch to drop through the mouth of the balloon.
  6. Add the cornstarch till around 3 inches of the balloon is filled with it.
  7. Tighten your grip on the balloon's top and pinch out any excess air.
  8. Place your fingers as close to level of cornstarch as possible and tie the thread around the balloon tightly.
  9. Use the stickers, colors and your imagination to make the stress ball more attractive.

Here you go, if you followed these simple steps you have just finished making your very first stress ball. Are you satisfied with the result or the stress ball is not as it should be? Well take some more time and repeat the process, soon you will have the needed skills and making one will be an easy task.

These home-made stress balls do not last for long. However, since they are easy to make and are completely inexpensive, you can always make yourself another one if the previous one snaps! Stress is best busted by self-made means!

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If you are making your very first homemade stress ball and do not have an idea how it should look you can check some of the existing examples of stress relief balls. For further instructions on the method of making your own ball you should read the guide that will teach you how to make stress balls.