Great speakers seem to present to an audience effortlessly, without a drop of sweat on their brow, not a flutter in their voice, and no bungled words. They hold us in awe, captivate us, leave us hanging on their every word and easily persuade us to respond to anything they ask of us.

If you are one of these great speakers, you’re one of a tiny percentage of people who are not afraid to speak in public, one of the top four fears Americans acknowledge.

The tragedy is that, for most of us, our careers or businesses call upon us to speak every single day, to clients, suppliers, the Boss, fellow colleagues and conference delegates. Because we have no idea how our words and nonverbal communications impact our audience, we lose sales and fail to attract new clients or earn referrals.

Great news: you can learn to overcome the fear of public speaking. You can develop confidence and passion for promoting your ideas and your products. You can deliver powerful speeches, sales presentations or marketing seminars and get undreamed of results.

First you must learn the essential skill of grabbing your listeners’ attention with the first words you speak. You then keep their attention by wrapping your content in stories and experiences that your audience can relate to, that take your message into your listener’s heart, where your sale is made. When they believe that you understand their problem, you will build vital rapport and trust and establish yourself as the expert who can solve their problem.

Know your audience, give them a presentation jam-packed with powerful benefits, and you will easily get their commitment to action. When you ask for the sale, be prepared for a surge of interest in your product or service. Capitalize on your new speaking skills by offering more information and solutions through seminars, CDs, books and study materials.

These techniques will help you build your business in ways you never dreamed possible. You will gain amazing benefits in both your career and your life. Learning to speak persuasively will reward you over and over again.

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Arvee Robinson is a Persuasive Speaking Coach, Master Speaker Trainer, International Speaker, and Author. She teaches business owners, service professionals, and entrepreneurs how to use public speaking as a marketing strategy so they can attract more clients, generate unlimited leads and grow their businesses, effortlessly. She teaches a proven system for delivering persuasive presentations, and easy to use formulas for creating a killer elevator pitch and a magnetic self-introduction. Arvee has helped hundreds of individuals to win clients and close more sales every time they speak. She offers private coaching, workshops, and weekly teleclasses. Her programs make people money for the rest of their lives. For more information, visit