Are you completely committed to discovering how to succeed in life and business?

Ask that question of a large group of people and I'm sure each one of them will tell you they're completely committed to living a successful, more fulfilled life. After all, who doesn't want more out of life, agreed?

So where's the disconnect? If most everyone wants to learn how to live a more successful life, why do so few actually get there?

The answer lies in one's ability to overcome adversity. How to succeed in life is lost on those who are incapable of handling life's challenges. Too many people are willing to cut and run once the going gets difficult. And you know what? Things will ALWAYS get difficult from time to time.

Your commitment to success will be frequently challenged. And it is the strength of your commitment which will determine whether you stand up to those challenges or run from them.

To get through the challenges you must focus on your objectives and goals. You must put all of your focus on where you are going to, not what you're going through. You do that and I can promise you will get through it; do that and you'll get through anything.

Once you determine the path you wish to travel in life you are instantly putting yourself on a collision course with life's challenges. Here's a huge success tip for you: learn to accept and even embrace all of the challenges life will throw at you.

There is no success without challenges. There is no success without failure. Going through adversity is where you build your success muscles. Life will not deliver success on a silver platter. Life will deliver success but only after you prove your worthiness.

Proving your worthiness is accomplished by productively dealing with and managing adversity. You don't just experience success because you want it. You experience success because you've proven that you're worthy of it and you can handle it.

Think of it this way: many of us equate success with having money. That being the case, why is it impossible to consider a lottery winner "successful"? The answer should be obvious; nobody can be considered successful who hasn't confronted the adversity necessary to accumulate wealth. Furthermore, one's ability to retain wealth is equally important to the definition of success. This is the reason why most all lottery winners wind up broke a short time after their windfall lucre – they never learned how to protect it.

Unless you've dealt with adversity in your accumulation of wealth, you'll have no idea how to protect it and manage it. Standing eyeball to eyeball with life's challenges and overcoming those challenges is the classroom necessary to learn wealth protection. Wealth and success is never yours unless and until you learn its proper tutelage.

Understand too that as you work toward the success you seek it's important that you learn to deal with criticism. Unfortunately there is no shortage of critics out there who are all too willing to heap their negativity on you.

Also, be easy on yourself. There will be times where you'll be dealing with your own self doubt. I don't care who you are, all successful people have had moments of self doubt. As long as your desire for success is strong enough the doubts you'll experience will be overcome.

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