Have you ever prayed for something to happen, only to have it not come? Have you ever wondered why, when you so desperately wanted this one thing, it managed to elude you? Taken the wrong way, we can assess these times as the Universe “not caring,” or somehow functioning at a very impersonal level. But the reality is that the Universe runs by certain rules. These rules never change. They never alter themselves. They never fail.

Part of understanding how life works and truly being successful at it, is learning to work with these rules and not against them. Remember—the rules are stationary and will never change. Resisting them will only create more frustration. Learning to work with them is the only way to truly benefit and get the best you want out of life.

So what are these rules? Here is a list of them and a brief description.

1) The Law of Movement. Everything moves. Everything changes. Everything is energy. Energy is in a constant state of transmission and transformation. Energy is consistently moving into form, through form, and back into another form. Everything in our physical world is changing all the time.

2) The Law of Vibration. Everything in the world and beyond is in a constant state of vibration that are called frequencies. The higher the frequency the stronger the vibration.

3) The Law of Relativity. This is Albert Einstein’s law and in it, we see that things are, only as a relation to other things. Noise only is known because it can be compared to quiet. Good exists by comparison to bad. Everything in sits in a state of “is” until we compare it to something else. With this law we come to realize that things in life have meaning, because we give it that meaning. And we can change that.

4) The Law of Rhythm. This law states that everything in existence is in order. Much like the seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. They are in a natural rhythm and everything in nature follows along. For example, the trees grow leaves in summer. In fall the colors change. In winter they freeze and are bare. This law is a lot like a pendulum—things swing back and forth. Life brings emotional high and lows, but you can focus on the best regardless because everything will pass.

5) The Law of Polarity. Everything has an opposite and cannot be otherwise. All opposites are different creations of the same thing, and they are only separated by degree.

6) The Law of Gender. Everything has to have a gestation period. Everything we want, has a specific time it needs to germinate and come to be.

7) The Law of Cause and Effect. This law states that every effect must have a cause, and in turn, every cause an effect. Nothing just ‘occurs’ haphazardly in the world. Everything is happening according to the perfect law. Anything you cause, is caused because of something before it.

These are some of the laws that we have to work with. They don’t change and never will. Learn more about them and find out how to apply them. Your mind is the strongest tool you have, learn to use it!

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Anya Dee is a Chicago based writer, specializing in 'ghost-writing' for motivational speakers. Her resources can be viewed at mycoachanya.com.