In order to incorporate vital information from mainframe green bar reports, ERP reports, PDF’s, invoices, statements and more to create dynamic, web based reports, analytics platform is the most appropriate option. Apart from all these features, it gives you the ability to access, extract and incorporate data, which is both structured as well as semi structured, from any existing data source in your enterprise. It is also a fast efficient and web based that is used for creating, distributing and publishing dynamic reports. In addition, it also gives you a freedom to develop the reports that you need without using expensive IT resources. All these features make analytics platform a useful method to leverage your existing reports and enterprises applications investments, for a greater visibility into your business.

A new technology, dynamic telephone number insertion has arrived with the ability to track the website leads based upon the incoming sales call. Using modern website analytics platform, it is fairly simple to track your closed sales back to the point of their origin, whether from social networking, organic search, pay per click, banner ads or other online marketing initiatives. Unfortunately these traditional platforms are limited to reporting on leads that actually take a physical point of action on your website and cannot track the telephone leads like Dynamic Telephone Number Insertion (DTNI). Running traditional analytics programs without utilizing DTNI, the source of the high quality or low quality lead falls off the grid. Therefore, it is an important part of your search engine marketing campaign to implement a website analytics technology.

Data warehouse is a collection of data that is designed to support management decision making. It contains a wide variety of data that presents a coherent picture of business conditions at a single point in time. Development of a data warehouse involves development of various systems in order to extract data from the operating systems in addition to the installation of a warehouse data based system that provides the managers a flexible access to the data. On a whole data warehouse generally refers to the combination of many different databases across an entire enterprise. It is subject oriented which suggests that it can be used to analyze a particular subject area. For example, sales can be a particular subject. Moreover, a data warehouse integrates data from multiple data sources. For instance source A and source B may have different ways of identifying a product, but in data warehouse, there will be just a single way to identify a product.

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