Learning Expeditions India (L.E.I.) is committed to help travellers and seekers who want to get a deep insight into Indian culture and actively learn certain skills India is famous for.

We are an experienced Indian organisation working for many years in collaboration with Indian cultural experts. In order to make your trip to India as convenient and enjoyable as possible, we offer you solutions to organize your stay in India.

A visit to India is incomplete without discovering its rich and diverse culture and spirituality. All our programmes are designed to enhance your creative quest for skilled talent.

About Learning Expeditions India

Learning Expeditions India (Learning Art and Cultural Tour in India) aims to provide superior learning experiences to optimize students' full potentials and enhance their talents. Our objective is to encourage and develop creativity and learning, for the benefit of the students and to preserve centuries-old Indian traditions and culture.

We support education and training in both, traditional and modern cultural aspects, to make travellers have a better understanding of Indian culture.

Learning Expeditions India Experts

Mansimran "Mini" Singh - Pottery Expert: Andretta Pottery is run by Mansimran "Mini" Singh, son of famous potter Gurcharan Singh. Andretta Pottery and Craft Society was started in 1983. It is situated between the old Shuahk hills and the towering range of the Dholadhar Himalaya. As well as being a production studio pottery making attractively designed earthen slipware; it also provides courses for aspiring potters.

Nita Mehta - Cooking Expert: Nita Mehta is a name extremely popular in the world of cookery. She is not only an acknowledged cookery expert but also an accomplished author, having written over 250 cookery books.

Kanchan Mani - Painting Expert: Kanchan Mani was born on 15th September, 1979 in Madhubani (Bihar). She completed the Annual Intermediate Science Examination in 1998 in Bihar Intermediate Education Council. Kanchan learnt Mithila Painting (passed in 1996), Godna Painting (passed in 2000) under the guidance of Ms. Shweta of Samidha, an organization engaged in production, sale and training of handicrafts.

Jagdeep Singh Bedi - Music Expert: Jagdeep Singh Bedi is sitar and surbahar artist in Hindustani classical music. He is among very few artists who play both, Sitar and Surbahar. He belongs to a family of musicians as his father is a senior disciple of famed Pt. Krishna Rao Shankar Pandit of the Gwalior Gharana. Subsequently, he joined Delhi's oldest & premiere musical institution, Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, under Shri Anil Dhar.

Revathi Ramachandran - Dancing Expert: Revathi Ramachandran, dancer, choreographer and teacher, is one whose life is an odyssey through dance and its countless beauties. Revathi's performances in India as well as the USA, Canada, UK, France, Singapore, Italy and Malaysia have received great appreciation. She also has assisted many scholars.

Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute - Yoga Experts: Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute was established by the aid of Government of India, Ministry of HRD & Government of Maharashtra, Department of Higher and Technical Education. The Institute had the goal of restructuring society by imparting spiritual values through a revival of the ancient yogic discipline.

Swami Kuvalyananda founded the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute on Vijaydashami day 1924, at Lonavla. One of the first things that he undertook to do was bringing out "Yoga Mimamsa", a Yogic Journal. The publication of Yoga Mimamsa was a pioneering step taken towards demystifying Yoga.

Indian cultural heritage is one of the richest and oldest one in the world as it dates back to thousands of years. As it basically emanated from religious leaders, scholars and social reformers, it has mass appeal and followers. Strangely, Indian culture is as diverse as it is unifying the country like beads of different colors forming one chain – that is India. India is a unique example in the whole world where people speaking and using as many as about a score of different languages and dialects are living under one democratic umbrella. All our ancestors, cultural and political leaders and poets spoke of one India that is God’s Own Country. These all factors add popularity to Indian cultural tour.

Hence cultural tour in India assure a good feast of world famous culture, tradition, music, art, painting and more in a single table. Visit India and enjoy a good cultural feast.

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