Kolkata is the learning hub for Eastern India. This is the city that retains its multicultural past along with its own traditional. Kolkata remains the capital of British India from 1773 to 1911. This city was the repository of different culture and nationalities. That was the reason it has become the cultural capital of the country and cultural hub for many nationalities including French. The French courses in Kolkata have become part of the cultural life of the city. The activities of French learning formally started in the year 1940 when the French cultural center first started their operation in the city.

Bengal does harbor an association with France since 1673. Chandannagar was a part of Bengal was subjugated under French rule. This place got emancipated after the independence of India. The French language course in Kolkata is the representation of the city’s facilitation to the French culture.

What is the significance of French learning?

French is also an international language like English. This is one of the major languages of Europe. Apart from the continent, French is one of the official languages of Canada. One of the provinces of this country is the land of the French-speaking community.

Learning French language can open the door of excellent possibilities to the students. French is the language that belongs to Vulgar Latin. Due to this common ancestry, this language shares its commonality another languages such as Italian which is belongs to the same origin. Just like Britain France also share the imperial past. The countries once subjugated under French rule adopted the French language as their official language. That is the reason a French knowing person can use his communication skill in Tunisia, Algeria or some other parts of Africa too. That is the reason a French training institute train a student to make his capable to face the global demand of the language.

Why skill of French language always in demand?

There is a constant demand for the French proficient individual all over the world because French is one of the widely spoken languages in Europe and one of the most popular languages in the globe. The French courses in Kolkata are offering the path way to nurture the lingual skill of a language enthusiastic individual.

Education is another area where the French proficient individuals are enjoying certain privileges. France is the land some great academic institutes of the world. INSIDE, Ecole Normal Superior, École Polytechnique, Paris-Sorbonne Universityare the name of the few. If a student from a non-French speaking country wants to study in France he can select any academic program taught in English. But the basic ability of French communication is needed for any individual wants to stay in France, because most of the French cannot talk in English or any other foreign languages.

In conclusion, it can be said that the French training institutecan offer an option for the French learning to the expat communities too. The expats are the responsible personnel from MNCs who’s are getting posted in the different countries of the world.

The best quality of the training one can expect from French language course in Kolkatain this regard. This type of training program can meet the requirement of the business travelers who want to travel France.

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Laxmon Gope is a renowned trainer of French training institute called Institute of International Teachers Training. Here, students can learn French in effective ways with excellent trainer support and different projects.