It would be nice to say that financial crisis rarely happen, but that is not the case for some. At the moment, more Americans are struggling financially than you might imagine. In other words, a crisis will likely happen, which is why it is wise to learn from your mistakes and learn how to deal with your unexpected crisis.

Live with Less for a While

One of the most valuable lessons you can learn from a financial catastrophe is to live with less. The idea of making sure that every purchase you make adds value to your life is vital. You can make a list of the bare necessities, and make sure that you do not spend anything beyond that. This should help free up some of your cash. Consider buying stuff in bulk, and do your best to figure out a way to buy more reusable items.

Second Stream of Cash

You might have been able to get away with one job before, but this crisis might make it necessary for you to create a second stream of income. This income can help you get out of your current situation and also provide a safety cushion, just in case you run into financial troubles again. For example, some phone apps allow you to give strangers a ride, or you can sell a talent online, such as your skills as a cartoonist.

Bankruptcy Route

Those who are truly dealing with a financial setback might want to consider filing for bankruptcy with a firm such as Demers Gagnier Inc. or another attorney who has experience in this field of law. It is the only way that you can stop creditors from bothering you. This is also the only way that you can salvage whatever you have left. Of course, filing for bankruptcy is not easy, which is why it is recommended that you seek help should you decide to go down this path.

Lifestyle Changes

One last change deals with your lifestyle. It is pretty easy to get accustomed to certain perks in life like eating out every weekend. Eating out can cost you a lot of money. Someone might spend five dollars at an inexpensive fast food restaurant. Five dollars can buy you a bag of flour, which can be used to make several meals over a few weeks or so. You can also temporarily cut out activities that eat up your cash like your gym membership, and substitute them with their 'free' counterparts.

These are just some of the lessons you can learn from your financial catastrophe, but there is always more to learn, so stay open to a new learning experience.

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Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max