It’s been about three years now that I have been part of the coaching profession. How I view my life and that which goes on around me has definitely changed from how I lived previously. I’ve definitely become a far more aware individual. I’m more open to the idea that even in the most difficult situation, individuals have a choice of how they choose to both interpret what is happening to them, and how they choose to react to it emotionally. When I think back on the people who are a part of my life now, and continue to be a part of my life, it amazes me how many of them I have met over these last few years as I started on this incredible journey as part of my second career.

By definition, coaching is a helping profession. Clients come into your life looking to move forward in one way or another. For me recently, many have entered my life looking for assistance in moving forward their job search. Others realize that their life is filled with negative energy that pulls at them and which does not allow them to fully enjoy what they are experiencing. Many times when people I meet learn that I am a professional coach one of their first reactions is that I “tell my clients what to do”. While at times there may be suggested approaches that a coach may put out there for their client to consider, the coaching relationship is as much a learning process for both client and coach.

The quote on my Motivations calendar as we move into the month of June sums the relationship up best. The quote reads “helping others grow brings out the best in everyone”. I certainly have found that to be true in the work that I do. In addition to my one on one coaching practice, I help facilitate a transition group for local residents that have lost their job or are between careers. It is impressive to see how individuals come to the group, sometimes spend several months there before landing the position that is next for them, but along the way are able to help others in the same situation manage their search or follow up on potential leads. Some of my own clients have exposed me to professions in the non-profit and sustainable business fields that I would not have known as much about if I had not been a catalyst in their career search campaign. Even something as innocent as introducing a child to an activity or interest you have taken part in for a long time can help you to grow because you are now made to see it through their eyes as opposed to just yours. Often times their questions or insights into what they are doing may force you to question why you have been doing things the way you have and consider approaching it from a different angle or point of view.

Yes, you are capable of learning on your own, and there may be times where being in the solitude of your own company may be a welcomed relief. However, to continually approach every activity you do alone is going to allow you to only experience one interpretation, one set of assumptions or a limited set of beliefs on how something can be done. When you are truly able to share experiences with those around you, whether you are in the role of teacher or student, if it is just you and another or you with a group of people, that which each of you gain from each other really helps the overall potential for learning to multiply for all.

Whether you call it coaching, mentoring, teaching or just hanging out with someone you enjoy, look for those opportunities where you can grow through your interaction with another. No matter what role you are playing in the process, if true learning is happening, I assure you both student and teacher are benefiting from the experience.

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