Learning management system is the perfect blend of conventional and modern training methods. User friendly navigation, precise content and the choice of a number of catalogs are some of the basic advantages of LMS. Apart from online assignments, surveys and flexibility in operations are a few of the other benefits associated with the e-learning management systems. These courses are self-propagated that does not require assistance from any moderator. The needs of every industry vary, and so does its content requirement. E-learning service providers develop specific content that caters to the learning requirements of employees working in a particular organization. This integrated online learning platform is scalable and its architecture is flexible. As per the changing scenario, the content of the module is constantly updated and modified.

Learning management system is available in different languages so that a large number of audiences can be benefited from it. The voice-over artists, rapid authoring tools and text experts help in developing world-class training content for the employees. Future of new tools like cloud computing, which is presently at the development stage, looks quite bright. One of the most important things that a client and the service provider needs to look after is that the training sessions are time-bound. Tools like Rapid Authoring are not only time saving and cost effective, but are capable of utilizing the existing resources as well. Thus, e-learning management systems have revolutionized the routine training process into a more effective and result-oriented activity with greater output.

Whether it is big or small, most of the organizations find it difficult to implement the e-learning programs due to cost, unfamiliarity with the process and maintenance of the software. Therefore, companies can opt for e-learning outsourcing, which is a best solution to the above mentioned problems. Various e-learning service providers have a dedicated center for content off shoring. First of all, the off-shoring companies analyze the requirement of the client’s company and then develop an instructional strategy and storyboard. After analyzing the storyboard, the plan is reviewed and then sent for production after getting approved. Later, user acceptance is checked that is followed by support management and change management.

Shortlisting the vendors is another important thing associated with the e-learning outsourcing. The clients must inquire about the domain expertise, quality certifications, human resource and accolades won by the vendor they are planning to outsource their work. Customer testimonials, work reviews and case studies also play an important part in the selection of the vendors.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management.His expertise includes Learning management system, e-learning outsourcing and other Learning & Development matters.