When students are given a learning opportunity, they can develop skills that make them better persons in future. These learning skills include responsibility, organization, being independent, collaboration, self-regulation as well as been initiative. Various online platforms have tried to better the students by providing them with learning opportunities through scholarships, online resources as well as online courses. In this work, we will explore one of this online platform, Course Hero as well as the learning skills that the students are deriving from it.


Learning skills


The online platform has greatly enhanced the lives of many students by imparting various skills in them. They have launched about 22 free online courses on their platform that will greatly change the lives of the learners and make them better. The online courses in this platform have their basis in entrepreneurship, business as well as web programming. Besides that, they have various online resources that the students can go through to enhance their knowledge.


What are the learning skills that have been developed to help learners become better persons? One of the learning skills that the online resource has developed in student making them better is collaboration. Through this online platform, the student gets the opportunity to share the notes as well as lectures. Therefore, the students get the opportunity to learn from each other as well as interact. It also enhances their skill of handling independent work well as if you are taking their virtual courses you will be able to access their tutors 24/7 hence one has ample time for studying.

It has also developed creativeness in the students as it has a specific application for students that helps them to make digital flashcards. Using this they can learn, create as well as share the material they make to others. Therefore, they become more creative as well as initiative making them better persons. They have also helped the students to develop the skill of organization as they enable the students to manage their time well. They do this by setting specific learning intervals to maximize the retention of the students. Besides that, the students are reminded of their study time through the emails. The online platform also enhances the student’s initiative by encouraging them to approach various tasks positively. They do this by rewarding the students who complete five or more sections in the three learning paths they offer to give them the incentive to learn more. Their prizes include getting a job at the online resource or 5000 dollars.

Other benefits


Besides providing these learning skills, they also give the students scholarships. Students can now achieve their dreams of becoming better people by getting scholarships, which are available online. With their primary objective been to promote learning through building a digital library with specific questions and answers from various courses, they pose questions to the applicants. The winner of the questions is rewarded the scholarship where they mostly choose the best short answer response hence one needs to be creative. Gaining this scholarship is beneficial to the learners as they will be able to further their education comfortably.




The online platform has greatly worked to enhance the learning skills of the students such as collaboration, creativity, organization among others making them better persons. Their objective is increasing knowledge access to enrich lives and create a better future. They have tried to achieve it, through providing educators and students with online resources, questions, and answers, giving various courses to students as well as scholarships. The online resource is an excellent opportunity for all the learners and has greatly changed them making them better and knowledgeable.

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