Spirituality is the essence of the human spirit, and the knowledge and experience that we gain through our whole lives, especially as very spiritual beings. Spiritual growth must come from within, and that happens through a number of different paths; from meditation to prayer to song, we all enhance our spirituality in some way, whether you are aware of it or not. The question is how the spiritual growth process can be sped up - so that we can gain experience and knowledge more quickly, able to act on wiser decisions and live a more fulfilling life. It is wise to seek a spiritual guide or spiritual teacher to help through this task. The spiritual teacher may be someone you know, or don’t know. They are usually someone older than you, more experienced in the ways of the world especially in spiritual matters. Learning from the more experienced is not something to be overlooked. Valuable information is a good asset to obtain through a spiritual teacher or counselor.
One thing that people often overlook is the amount of resources available to them. The internet is a massive source of information and communication, and it can be applied to spiritual growth, too. You might not think complex technology and your spirit would mix, but the internet can be a great tool and medium for spiritual growth. Finding a spiritual teacher online is much easier, and sharing your spiritual experiences with fellow people worldwide lets you know that you are not alone in your journeys. There are even online courses to help you with spiritual growth. The things to look for in registering for online spiritual courses is the credibility and skill of the spiritual teacher involved - how much experience they have in the spiritual realm plays a big role as well.
Great meditation techniques to help improve your spirituality can be found everywhere online. Just searching on Youtube or Google brings up a plethora of meditation music and videos. You can even find meditation tips from meditation gurus anywhere in the world, as well as meditation online courses from spirit teachers. Signing up for a course that teaches spirituality or meditation should be carefully considered. Make sure that you are ready for such a commitment, and don’t rush into your decision. See if there are others talking about that meditation teacher or meditation class and if they give good reviews about it. Once you have decided to commit, stick with your commitment and you will find a better path to spiritual success and growth.

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Misty Woodard is a psychic teacher and spiritual counselor, and has been doing psychic healing, spirit channeling, and clairvoyance for over fifteen years. She has taught thousands of students worldwide on helping them to reach top-level spiritual and psychic potential. More quality information about becoming a psychic and entering the psychic realm can be found at her website Unlocking Mystic.