Many of us learned early on that if someone said "no" to us, that we were somehow at fault. This erroneous belief system can cause us untold issues later in life as we go through life taking rejection extremely personally.

In the network marketing arena, for example, people often believe that if their potential clients are not interested in their product range, that they are being rejected as a person.

This is not the case. Everyone has preferences and because we are all born different, it means that some people are going to agree with you or like the same things as you, and others won't.

For example, if you are naturally attracted to men (or women) with dark hair and dark eyes, it is highly unlikely that you will accept the advances of a red-head or blond person, since you are not naturally attracted to them. They could take this personally, if they chose to, but your preference is dark haired people, and they just do not fulfill that for you.

Another example is the advertising industry. If you consider the amount of money that was spent on cigarette advertising over the years, it is evident that they were trying to appeal to a wide range of people. However, no matter how good the advert, and we might even enjoy the advert, if we do not smoke, we are impervious to all messages from the smoking industry.

When entering into the network marketing, affiliate marketing or the self employment industries, one of the biggest hurdles is the number of times you hear the word "no" in your day. This can be quite challenging to get used to, unless you understand that they are not rejecting you, they are rejecting the business opportunity.

This could be for a number of reasons-

It is not the right time for them
They are frightened of change and the unknown
They have tried a similar scheme and did not succeed
They are not interested in working for themselves
They believe working for yourself to be too hard work
And so on.

None of the above reasons have anything to do with you, and if 20 people had asked them to get involved, they would have all receive the same answer. You just are not offering them what they want at this time, and that is perfectly ok. (Of course, they are not always right, but that is another story).

Your job is to move on until you find people who want to work with you so that you can spend your day working with people who appreciate you and your work ethics.

Learning to hear the word "no" without taking it personally is a very important step if you want to succeed in your business. Not everyone will want to work with you, so you need to find those that do, and talk to them instead.

Written by Caroline Nettle

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