Learning to blog is really simply a matter of learning how to say more in less words and this is why Twitter is such a terrific training tool! As any good blogger will tell you, composing content for your blog should be done in the most concise manner! If visitors are not both engaged and able to get the full gist of any new updates quickly, they tend to leave the site! This is why Twitter is the ideal training ground for bloggers since when you post a tweet you are only allowed the use of 140 characters!

Let's look at 3 areas that Twitter helps anyone develop, simply through practice, that will give them the skills needed to be a good blogger!

Reduces Use of Words

Being too 'wordy' on the internet is the kiss of fate for any 'would-be' entrepreneur! Most people scan much more than they read when they're on the computer therefore when faced with a large block of text, you can kiss them good-bye! By using Twitter on the other hand you will quickly discover that to post a tweet, the characters you use are limited to 140! This is where you'll learn how to be 'concise' in what you have to say! Although this may be uncomfortable at first you'll quickly learn that to become a good blogger you must compose your updates in a similar fashion!

Increases Reader Focus

By virtue of having to 'consolidate' your thoughts when you post a tweet you're in fact delivering a more meaningful and interesting message! Remember there is now little or no 'fluff' in what you compose which helps you write content for your blog in much the same manner! In short this new writing skill is what you need to develop in order to become a good blogger!

Helps Develop Concise Message

Where concise is nice, you must also learn to engage your readers by quickly announcing your intentions and delivering your point! When writing content for your blog these are two things you MUST keep in mind whenever possible! On the other hand not all your subjects can be briefly stated but the point is to not 'mince' your words but rather use as few as possible to deliver your message! Using twitter makes you 'rethink' how you use words to best get your message across!

Learning to blog for most people is simply developing the 'habit' of getting your point across quickly and using Twitter can be a huge benefit! When writing content for your blog it is recommended to be as concise as possible and this is where Twitter can be very helpful! When you post a tweet the site has rules that limit your posts to 140 characters! Although this can be challenging for many at first it's amazing how quickly people are able to adapt! As our discussion above focuses on, these same writing 'skills' are what is needed to become a good blogger as well! When you consider that Twitter is also a great source of traffic as well as finding new content for your blog, it seems there's no reason NOT to use this site! Go ahead and post a tweet, if you blog you'll likely be glad you tweet as well!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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