For anybody learning to blog the first challenge you will encounter is going to be maintaining a certain discipline. Building a blog takes time, patience and a consistency of effort and when you are blogging for money you will face even more demands! The fact is that your main objective is building reader interest and loyalty and the way you accomplish this is by offering unique content. When your intentions include blogging for money you will now take on additional 'responsibilities' which can further 'tax' your time and patience!

Here are the 3 primary objectives you will need to continually meet when blogging for money that can test your ability to manage both your time and patience!

Content Development

It all starts with creating unique content since this is the only reason people will be motivated to visit your site or consider returning! When building a blog the need to have an inventory of updates to offer visitors is crucial in terms of not only making your site more 'legitimate' but also enticing people to come back! Its all about the quality of what you offer and in time this quality will also translate into quantity as you continue to post updates!

Ad Placement

As previously mentioned simply creating and posting new information to your platform will take plenty of both your time and effort! When you decide you now want to earn an income, you conceivably double the time you are investing. You'll need to either find or develop products or services to offer along with creating and placing ads! You can't expect to haphazardly throw up advertisements without first considering their relevance to the content and their positioning on your site. Although not difficult merchandising your platform when blogging for money does take time for it to be most effective!

Traffic Generation

Be it business blogs or otherwise you will need to promote any blogging platform over and above simply posting and pinging the search engines! Here too traffic generation does consume a good portion of your working hours but it is something that needs to be done!

Learning to blog begins with accepting the fact that reader interest and loyalty will be key to your success. The only 'currency' you will have to achieve their loyalty is the unique content you offer and of course your willingness to invest the time and patience needed! Building a blog is typically more a long term process since loyalty does not materialize overnight! When you start blogging for money this process may take longer while your own responsibilities increase as well! The discussion above focuses on the 3 primary objectives you'll need to continually meet when you're building a blog to earn an income! If you got the discipline to invest yourself in the ways needed as mentioned above than blogging for money is tailored made for you!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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