If only there were pet translators sold in the market, then life could have been easier when training your dogs. I am no dog whisperer, Cesar Millan has that title, I don't. But if a genie would appear in front of me, then wishing to communicate with animals would be part of the three wishes I am longing for.

Unless you have Shadow (from the movie, Homeward Bound), Red Dog (from the movie, Red Dog), Lassie, or perhaps, Scooby Doo (I wish) with you, then you wouldn't be able to have a difficult time to communicate. In fact, you can imagine how you and your dog can get along.

Living with Your Pet Can be a Learning Ground
Perhaps, growing up with a dog in the family helps me train and raise my own fur baby right. Although I do not exactly understand what my dog is trying to express; somehow, his actions and expressions make sense. Consider the time I have been living with a pet, allows me to decode his language. He may just be barking, growling, howling, or crying, whatever sound or move he tries to express, that's how they communicate. The more you spend time with your pet, the more you can understand their language. In short, living with your pet is a good learning ground.

The Language of Dogs
When Your Dog Barks
There are quite a few good reasons dogs bark. He can be angry. This is their only way to get mad other than attacking their enemies. You may see them barking at cats and other animals that seem strange to them. Meanwhile, there are times where they bark out of joy and gladness. Barking is a language that spurs a lot of emotions to dogs. One time, I heard Milo barking at the top of his lungs. I tried to check on him and realized, he was barking at a cat he couldn't reach. (Poor pooch who is not endowed with a good height and couldn't make high leaps)

When Your Dog Wags His Tail
I do not know what is it with dogs and cats that they do not seem to get along pretty well. Usually, it's a combination of barking and wagging. Haven't you noticed? I enjoy looking at my pet when he circles his tail by the time we get home. This body language is their way of welcoming you from a long day at work that they are there to comfort, keep you company, and most of all, relieve your stress.

When Your Dog Growls
There's only one reason you need to take note of, every time they growl. When they begin to growl and show a bit more of their gums or teeth, be careful. It's their own way of saying 'back off!'. Think about how dogs prepare to attack. Pit bulls are a special breed. People may just misunderstand them. Or probably, their humans fail to provide the love and attention they need.Pit bull attacks are no longer new. You hear and see it in the news. Everything starts with a growl. It may sound silly, but the moment you begin to learn and understand their sounds and actions, you will be amazed. Not to mention, you will have to prevent these accidents where good dogs turn bad. Although there are times where Milo growls at his paw parents, always focus and keep in mind to let your pets know that you are in control. Just as a parent disciplines the child so is a pawrent to the fur kids.

Again, dogs are just like humans. They are just the kind with full of emotions, and it's bursting inside and out. How does your dog communicate with you? Share your techniques in decoding his behavior.

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