HR or Heavy Rigid Licence in Australia allows you to drive huge vehicles like Heavy Duty trucks. Naturally, if you are to acquire that licence, you are needed to crack the driving test that is generally pretty rigid. This makes sure that the bloke who ends up obtaining the licence, is INDEED competent enough to be at the wheels of these gigantic heavy-duty vehicles. 

Now, coming to the training to get prepared for the test, one good thing to learn is driving in a heavy downpour. There are two parts of the chapter - one, things to know before taking to the road, and the other while driving through the road. 

Before taking to the rainy road...

You have a plethora of things to know before you take to the road when it is raining heavily. You need to...

Know about the weather:

Gather as much information as you can, regarding the weather and the route you are to follow. Be particular about knowing the probabilities of phenomenon like flash flooding, more so if you are carrying consignments. Keep track of the likely rise and fall of temperature. 

Plan the route in advance: 

Check the DOT maps to know about the probable road closures due to flooding. Plan in advance to avoid those areas. Also, collate information about the possible alternative routes. 

Yo need to follow other steps, which include packing properly to save the consignment from rainwater and checking the vehicle, more so its tyres properly, before you switch on the ignition. 

When it comes to appearing for the final test for acquiring the HR Licence in Bankstown, you may be asked about all these. Your reply will very much determine the final result.

While driving on rainy roads...

Now coming to the driving part, there are certain things to follow: 

Always put your seat belt on:

Well, this has got nothing to do with the weather conditions. It is applicable anyway, whenever you are at the wheel. 

Keeping the lights on:

This is extremely important when it is raining heavily even during daytime! When the weather is not on the better side, it is as essential for you to be seen by other motorists as it is for you to see others, to avoid mishaps due to low visibility. 

Keep the volume of the radio down

It is important to listen to the weather bulletins to get the latest updates from the met office. However, keep the volume at low so that you get to know what’s happening outside! 

Decelerate or Accelerate Gradually

When it comes to increasing or decreasing speed, do so at a slower rate than what you do in normal conditions. This will prevent loss of traction. 

Remember, a heavy downpour can reduce friction quickly. Remember, 1/12 inch of water forces the tyres to displace 1-gallon water every second for maintaining contact. 

Avoid driving into water over roadway

Do not run into flowing water when you are driving. Even a small amount flowing water can invite disaster. The kinetic energy generated by the truck's movement may result in a wash away of the vehicle, while the rainwater will obscure your vision. As a result of which, you will not be able to gauge the depth of the water. 

If these are basics, the other measures include driving slower, increasing the following distance, not using the cruise control or the engine brake, and not driving over your ability or that of the vehicle. 

Following all these will not only help you to acquire the HR truck licence in Bankstown but will make you a perfect driver of these heavy-duty vehicles. 

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The author owns a company that offers training that helps in acquiring HR Truck licence in Bankstown. The author also is a regular blogger who is followed by many.