Some hurdles that we run up to in life are higher than others. In track, there is the sprint, the low hurdles, and then the high hurdles. We all confront similar situations every day. Sometimes life's a breeze and we sprint right on along. Sometimes we hit the low hurdles and we have to figure out how to overcome these hurdles. And then we can run into the high hurdles. Only the best learn to master these. With training and practice, one can learn to leap over any hurdle that is put in front of them and still stay in stride.

Everyone can overcome challenges when they learn to see them differently!

Do you seem to focus on how high the hurdles in front of you are, or are you one that focuses on how you have been able to learn to leap over hurdles that you once never thought possible? No matter what your beliefs, there's something out there, something valuable, that's bigger than the hurdles you're facing today.

Focus on what you're capable of, not on what's holding you back.

Seeking Solutions Effectively

Ensure that you take some time every day to reaffirm your own value. Even if these self-affirmations seem silly at first, remind yourself what you can do. These thoughts will begin to resonate within your spirit and give you strength and comfort.

At some point during the resulting rise in your self-confidence you will begin to truly believe in yourself. You'll also realize that there are ways to get around life's challenges, no matter how difficult they are.

You'll know that you have the power to make a difference in your future!

Perception is reality; in other words, if you think the task at hand is manageable, then it will be manageable and if you don't, it won't be. It has been said that "opportunity" often comes to the party dressed as a "problem." Often solving problems is the next great step towards personal development and increased personal satisfaction. It's important to keep your eyes, mind, and heart open to that possibility.

Focus your thoughts on:

- What can I do instead of what can't I do
- Who can help you get past the obstacle you're facing
- What rewards are there on the other side of the hurdle
- What the obstacle can teach you for the future
- How to form a plan to get around, through, over, or under the obstacle

By focusing on what you can do, what the next logical steps are, and how taking those steps will bring you rewards in the future, it will become difficult to have negative thoughts about what will happen next.

Consider this: If it was not for the challenge that you are currently facing, you would have no reason to work to strengthen your talents. If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got!

Moving Forward

There are thinkers, and there are doers. Thinking about taking action is not taking action; you have to do something about it. The problem is not leaving on its own so avoid turning and running from it. Challenges are there for a reason: to separate those who are committed to moving forward from those who are not.

Show your commitment today by laying out a plan to handle your obstacle. Envision what you want to accomplish, what is your big goal? Break that big goal down into sections. Then, break those sections down to small, manageable steps.

By following this strategy, you'll be able to identify the major and minor steps that need to be taken to accomplish the goal be it in a day, a week, a month, or a year.

Not only will smaller, more manageable goals show you what needs to be done, but you'll also avoid overwhelming yourself with everything on your plate.

Recognize that some challenges can be brought to a successful conclusion in a short period of time, and others cannot. The bigger the task at hand, the more one should expect setbacks and pitfalls along the way. However, staying committed to moving forward will allow you to conquer any obstacle you have in your path, no matter what it is.

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