The prevalence of back pain can now be credited to a lot of factors that make up modern living. On the job, most people spend long hours glued to their seat and hunched over a computer. Travelling long distances are another factor. To date, lower back pain is now the second most known chiropractic complaint and Physical Therapy New York experts are here to help.

Whether work or lifestyle network, these symptoms may actually lead to something more serious that could be irreversible. If you’re unsure about whether or not you are at risk, check out this short list below:

1.Work Related Risk Factors

Jobs that demand a lot of heavy lifting, bending, twisting and other repetitive movements can lead to chronic back pain. If your occupation demands continuous strenuous movement, then you are likely to complain from chronic pain on your lower back. Consult an expert to see how this can be immediately remedied.

2. Lifestyle

A lot of literature can link an individual’s risk factor for chronic back pain with the kind of lifestyle that you lead. Age, smoking, genetics, habits and your individual psychosocial aspects such as anxiety, stress and personality all contribute to aggravating the condition.

3. Age

As we age, our bones tend to go brittle, making anyone whose lifestyle and genetic predisposition more prone to chronic back pain. The highest symptoms of the condition is observed between the ages of 35 to 55—making mundane and daily tasks like walking, sitting and other simple activities more tedious.

4. Overly sedentary lifestyle

Couch potatoes are at higher risk for this condition as opposed to those who regularly exercise. Poor fitness habits rob you of strengthening your lower back.

If you think that you are at high risk for chronic lower back pain, be sure to see credible and trusted therapists who can check and recommend the right program to help alleviate the symptoms and eventually eliminate the condition altogether. Physical Therapy NYC is one such organization who has been a trusted go-to source for everyone’s chiropractic needs. Physical therapy NYC professionals can offer relief through comprehensive postural training and back care programs that are specifically designed to prevent back pain.

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If you are suffering from chronic low back pain then Manhattan Physical Therapy can help you improve or restore you physical functionality as well as improve your fitness level. Contact Physical Therapy New York who is aware and has experience with your health problem.