Angel guidance when it comes is always loving and kind. They are waiting to help us whenever we remember to ask them as they cannot help us unless we ask.

However, when we do ask, the angels are delighted to guide us in the areas of our lives that are not going as we would hope they would. They can see into our hearts, and so the answers that we get from them may be slightly different to the question that we ask. However, they know us inside out, and back to front, and so they know the questions that we are not asking as well as the questions we are.

Learning to trust the messages we are receiving from the angels when we begin can be a challenge. There are two issues here- one is that we are used to hearing the critical self talk that has followed us all our lives, and the second one is that the angels do not have our mental constraints- they can see the bigger picture.

For the first challenge, it depends how much your mind is troubled by criticism and self doubt. For me, this was very difficult to learn for quite some time until I let go of and worked through the negative self doubt and the constant criticism, which was relentless. It took some effort on my part, and some real patience from those around me, but I eventually learned to question my thoughts and not believe the cruel ones. It seems like such an exhausting way to live now, but that was my life for forty years.

Gradually, I began to learn when the angels were talking. The messages were kind, compassionate, helpful and loving. Since I was not used to this way of speaking, this also took some time to understand that I was worthy of receiving their love. If this is you, it can change, and it really is worth it.

The second issue is that the angels can tell us things that are outside our comprehension. I have experienced this many times in my readings, where someone is asking about their soul purpose and the response they get is not something that fits into their world, so they immediately disregard it. This is fine, except that just because we cannot comprehend it, does not mean that it is not real. I do not know how electricity lights my workstation, I just know that I need it on when the dark comes.

Angels see the whole picture and see what is needed for the planet, the universe, the whole. This may be that you learn to love yourself, or become a teacher, or mend broken fact, it can be anything at all. When we say that something is not possible, we are simply saying that we do not believe that the angels can perform miracles for us.

I have a good friend who has been told by the doctors all her life that she cannot have children- she has no reproductive organs. She is an angel reader like me, and she has been told by the angels that she will have a child. She completely believes that this is true, and by believing it, it means that it is possible. She has no idea how, and it may not be by the methods that we are used to, but she is allowing a miracle to happen by trusting what the angels have told her. Similarly, I now trust implicitly the messages that I receive and sometimes have to accept that they do not always make sense today- but I know that they will in time.

If that was difficult to read, then believe me, there was a time when I would have thought that to have been impossible too. However, times are changing, and the angels want to help us manage those changes and move through our history so that it no longer holds us back.

Ask the angels for guidance and if you find it really difficult to hear at present, find someone that gives angel readings, and ask them how to move forward in your life. Their only wish is to help us to find peace and happiness, and to enable us to serve the greater good. Ask them what is holding you back, and how you can work through it.

Written by Caroline Nettle.

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