Ever Wonder About The Colors In A Rainbow? Why Do We See What We See?
The truth is we are made up of energy. This is not new to most people who have been working with others through several modalities in the healing sector. The proof, for all those who are scientifically inclined, can turn their attention to Einstein's Theory, Quantum Physics, and Kirlian Photography! I also want to add paranormal researchers use thermal imaging. It is an instrument that picks up heat signatures in an environment when there is an energy form present that a naked eye cannot see. The later combines all principles/theories as we can evidentially see not only color in 'cold and hot' spots but that energy does carry different vibrations/meanings/color spectrum.

People can choose to see auras through their mind's eye called the Third Eye or can train to slowly unravel a new way to see auras through their own 'pair of eyes'! A blind woman (since birth) who I met not long ago has been 'seeing' auras since she can remember: No official training, no prior knowledge of aura reading, no concrete information on color meaning as we would learn as 'seeing' individuals. She has learned color only through music as each note vibrates at a certain frequency and each frequency is associated with a color. Upon asking her what her initial impressions are like when with a client, she replied: " I have a client sit in front of me and in a few seconds I begin to sense their energy. I begin to hear a certain tone or note (music). Each tone corresponds to a certain shade of color. That's how it starts..."

How to see and read auras...For Beginners

1. Ensure the individual you are reading is standing/sitting in front of a softly illuminated plain white background, as well as, they themselves are wearing light color clothing. This method is used initially because with a colored back drop, other auras are illuminating and learning how to read color combinations will come in time and practice.

2. Choose a spot (normally over the shoulder or head of the person). Relax your eyes and focus on a point just outside the body.

3. After about 30 seconds (longer if you need it), continue to focus on that spot you've chosen but now focus on your peripheral vision. Do not look around, instead, stare at the spot and become aware of your surroundings via peripheral vision. It's just about shifting your awareness.

4. At this point, after another 30 seconds or so, you will begin to notice the background surrounding the person is even brighter. Different color will appear now than the background further away. This is uniquely your own perception of the Aura. Initially, all beginner's will start to notice white/light grey aura and eventually the trained eyes will be able to see more color.

After about 5 minutes of concentration, long enough to see an aura (usually white and brighter than the backdrop), close your eyes and notice what appears behind your closed lids!

I have chosen points of focus off the body area directly because of the discomfort people feel. The Third Eye (area located about 1.5 cm above the nose, middle of forehead) area is the only place I have found people do not feel uncomfortable. But, in the beginning, I have found focusing on a spot just beside the person works best.

Why Learn To Read Auras?

There is a lot of information associated with aura readings. Along with seeing color, the meaning behind the color should be learned. Understanding color meanings and reading auras can become a tool for you in many areas of your life: relationships of all kind, how you are effected by others and environments you frequent or will frequent, understanding more about how color effects you in your life. These are some of the benefits. There really is 'no hiding' once you learn the art of aura readings and meaning of color. The world opens up even more to you. In all ways.

I have posted some recommended readings for those who are seriously interested in learning more about how to read auras. Have fun and remember don't give up it just takes practice.

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