In life, we all come across many positive and negative things. It’s up to us what we like to take with us. But when you are in your 20s(A Precious years), you need to focus only on the positive side because this is the time that determines your destiny and decides what you will get later on.

To live life freely in 20s, you need to leave negative things from life that cover your vision to see good in life. So here are the things which we need to let go in order to grow and how to be free in twenties time.

Leave your Bad Past
Having a bad past experience is the most common thing that we all suffer from. A past failure hurts a person not only in current but it lasts longer. That bad experience covers our mind in a negative way, hence we can’t see a positive side in anything. Hence we always have that thought like“What if I failed….”. In order to see the Bright sight of life, we need to remove that negative impression from our mind completely.

Leave Angry nature
Anger means To punish our own self for the faults of the others. Anger not only hurts the other person but it also impacts your minds too. Even a few minutes of the anger can damage the person for the rest of life. Put your anger aside else use it for the sake of your own growth.

Cares for careless
Caring for those who have no concern for you is like, you are working for a company and demand nothing in return. What the benefits of that. Simply time waste, nothing else. Stop showing care for those who have no value for you. In the process of praising others, or keep them happy: Don't forget you are special, too. Care for yourself first, Because no one is doing it for you.

Leave Shyness
With an angry nature, you can’t go further in life. But Shy nature, simply can’t let you even start. To get ahead in life and to enjoy the 20s fully, one has to leave their reserved behavior and start living life freely. Break those shells in which you have covered yourself because its time to grow and experience new things in life. Prefer to die with a lot of experience and memories, Rather than regret for not doing the things when you have time to do.

Leave Dependency to others
When you were young you dependent on others for your every need, It's ok. But now you are in the 20s and you no longer remain that dependent on others. This is the time to improve yourself, this is the time to conquer your fears. Remember your path is different. Get the guidance from the others but never depend on others to weigh you for the journey.

Leave that "I know everything" attitude
A big mistake we make in the 20s, that is to stop learning and to update our knowledge. Let go that belief that says you don’t need to learn, you are perfect. Remember no one will be perfect for long if he/she stop learning new things. We need to update ourselves as per the time and situation demands. So keep learning and keep Growing.

Surrounding of Negative peoples
Being single is better than be with the wrong company. Your destiny also determined by the people with whom you spending time with. A negative one always shows you the negative side of the positive situation. Spend time with those who have a positive approach to life. Be with those who came out from that darkness and felt the new light.

Stop time wasting
Another biggest mistake we make, when we think that we have enough time. You always have next Monday, next week, next month or next year to start something new in life. But remember you never ever have the moment which you have right now. The moment gone right now, will never ever come back again. stop wasting your time on the thighs or even on the people which add no value to your life. Instead of spending the time to improve yourself and learn new things.

Deal with procrastination now
Procrastination is like a snooze which lasts longer than the actual sleep. We keep snooze on the morning alarm, and we keep snooze our plans, too. The more we have an Approach like”.. -will do it later”, More and more we are going far away from our Dreams. Repetitive procrastination becomes a habit for us and stays long. Let go that behavior which forces you to postpone your work, your dream. Finish that work which you plan for today but in reality, you need to complete in yesterday.

Leave your habit of lying
Everyone around you will not look at you with that trust if you keep lying to them and spread fake news all the time. No matter how sweet the lie is, it has always been a lie. Leave things like bad habits and bad company which binds at same place. Either in work, family or in the relationship the habit of saying lie may give you lifetime cost. Get rid of bad habits like lying if you have, that'll make no a good image of yours.

Don't be so Lazy
You are not that teenage anymore, who stays on the couch all day, playing video games and watching TV shows. Be a mature now, a lazy nature in these precious years give you damage that can’t be recovered in entire life. Leave that laziness and explore the new things in life and make memories.

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Ketan,author at Monk at 25. Monk at 25 is a life lesson blogs discussing about 20s experiences and life longing learnings.