I’ve always wanted to help the poor, at least ever since my high school days back in the sixties. Many years later, after having gone through several other careers, I got back into my dreams of doing social work and landed a good job in this field. For quite a while, I was very happy with this job and believed fully in all that this organization was doing. But then I began to see flaws in it, and gradually I became more and more disillusioned with my work there and how they were doing things.

I cannot stand to see suffering, or mistreatment or lack of compassion and help for the poor, suffering and homeless. That gives me a strong desire to help in this area. But what I have learned from doing this type of work is that 1) It is not being done very well, not in the best ways; and 2) God wants me to move on from this work

As I see it, there are various levels to helping the poor:

Level 1: Feed them, clothe them, give them some minimal or short-term financial assistance.

Level 2: Give them extended financial assistance and extended period of shelter time to give them more time to get back on their feet.

Level 3: Provide them with resources, ideas, supportive mentoring and concepts that will help them to get a regular income (either working, retirement or disability insurance), and provide programs for self-sufficiency and finding employment.

Level 4: Provide them with psychological and spiritual counseling to heal their inner poverty consciousness and relationships and choices so that they won’t recreate the past bad choices and attitudes and behaviors that ended them up in poverty.

Level 5: Once they progress through Level 4, then, if they seem to have some potential for growth and ascension, help them to ascend and to eventually leave the matrix.

How many of these levels a social service agency is offering will determine their success in helping the poor and homeless. And the state of consciousness of these helpers will determine their success in taking their clients successfully through these levels of growth and personal financial successes.

A helper also has to consider and clearly see the state of consciousness of each person they are trying to help. For instance, I was mentoring to two different women. One had the inner consciousness to be able to succeed and pull herself up out of her financial predicaments, and she did so, much without my help.

The other woman was the exact opposite of this woman and she did not have the state of consciousness that could pull her up out of her poverty, and so she did not succeed. She could not accept any suggestions or advice, did not follow through on my resource referrals or on things she had told me she would look into. She would lie, hide a lot of things, and she was very hard to figure out. On the surface, everyone thought she had it all going for her, as she appeared very confident, optimistic, positive, and determined. She would search for work every week and had been doing this consistently and determinedly for several years. But she could never find a job.

I began to see lots of reasons why she was not succeeding, and I would point things out to her and make suggestions, but it did no good and she did not change.

She had suffered a lot of abuse from her parents and had not worked this out within herself. She had lots of phobias and strange behaviors that she tried to hide but that I saw through. She had almost been fired from a company she had worked for 20 years, but I was never sure if she was telling the truth. She wouldn’t tell me what actually happened that made her quit that job in lieu of being fired.

Her basic bottom line problem, though, as I perceived it, was that she believed that everything she thought, believed in and did was always correct and right and best; therefore, if you saw she could be doing something better or doing something she wasn’t doing, she would automatically assume you were wrong and wouldn’t do as you suggested. It was like she was overly confident, yet she was making all kinds of mistakes in her job hunting process. It almost appeared as if she really did not want to find a job or was subconsciously sabotaging it, but I decided this wasn’t necessarily the case. Part of her problem was that she had a certain degree of mental retardation. The other problem was that she just was very insecure and had to believe she was doing everything right and so she could not accept the needed advice.

My other client, on the other hand, had suffered even worse abuses in her childhood and a lot of traumas on through her teen years, but she had successfully overcome all of it and processed through it, had become a Christian and was praying and receiving help from God at every turn now. She had recently gotten a BA degree in Sociology and intended to find a job helping other teens who were dealing with all that she had dealt with. She went through several jobs, but could obviously easily get a job and knew how. She would ultimately find her ideal job.

Anyway, my point is that even if you provide a person with counseling and mentoring and resources, if they do not have the state of consciousness that will help them to accomplish their financial or career goals, then nothing that you give to them will help them to get back on their feet.

Of course, it also depends on the state of consciousness and effectiveness of the people who are helping, or even on how good they are at what they do.

But I am also talking here about the fact that some people you just cannot help, as they are not ready for the help and cannot benefit from it no matter how good at it and how high of a consciousness the helper has. .

What level the social service agency functions on in helping the poor depends on their belief system and their education in this field, and perhaps also on their religious beliefs. It can also depend on the amount of finances the agency has to work with; that is, how many donations and grants they are receiving at any given time. But that, too, is affected by everyone’s state of consciousness, as prosperity flows to a prosperity consciousness. And so even though there are these social workers helping the poor, the social workers themselves often have a poverty consciousness that they are not aware of. Poverty consciousness doesn’t always create poverty, although it can. Sometimes it can create greed or ruthlessness in business, or people gain money and spend it all too quickly on frivolous things. Poverty consciousness means one feels a lack in oneself and in one’s life. Find what that lack is, what do they feel is lacking, heal that, and then the person’s prosperity will begin flowing and they will properly handle and spend any money they receive.

What I found was that the agency I was working for was sincerely trying to help the poor, but it was going about it in the wrong ways. It put most of its time, money and effort into feeding people, and a little bit of time into giving them a tiny bit of financial help with rent, utilities, gas, etc. It had a program for providing them with resource referrals, suggestions, job hunting and mentoring support, but no money was being fed into this program and there wasn’t enough attention being put into that program to make it totally workable and effective. The mentors were not paid, and they had trouble finding enough mentors to handle the growing numbers of people asking for mentors. The mentoring was helpful, but not enough attention was put into seeing if the client could in fact be helped or was ready for the help being given. Mentors were randomly assigned to mentees, without any thought given to if this was a good match. Mentors were not staying with the program and they didn’t know why. Mentors were not being given enough attention themselves to make them the most effective they could be.

There was absolutely no psychotherapy made available, nor was there any spiritual counseling made available to clients, if they wanted to choose this.

There was no focus or help with their “inner poverty,” their inner state of consciousness; and so therefore, these people, if they did find a job and become more stable, could just end up back in the same bad choices, relationship problems, drug or alcohol problems, or depressions or misbehaviors that had ended them up jobless and homeless in the first place.

And here I was, observing all of this, wishing they would put me into a management position where I could change some of the problems with the programs, and I was one of the mentors who was there helping my mentees to progress in the matrix which I no longer believed in myself. Very weird. But what pulled me into it was my desire to help the poor, to relieve their suffering, and to share with them what I knew of that could help them. But I was not allowed to talk to them about God or Jesus or morality, I was not qualified to be their therapist, and I certainly could not have talked to them about ascension and the pitfalls and illusions of the matrix that they were having trouble fitting into.

What Causes Poverty?

This is the key question, and how a social worker answers this question gives you an idea of how effective they will be at helping the poor. The educational system in this town’s colleges focuses mostly on “social science,” which does not take into account the real causes of poverty which are inside of the person’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs and spirituality or lack of. The local trainings in poverty given by various social service agencies say the main causes of poverty are not the victims of poverty, but are things like government policies, economies, environmental factors in childhood, and everything else they can think of to say except for the person’s bad choices and state of consciousness. They do touch on the person and how they might have contributed to their poverty, but this is being very minimized because they are trying to get out of blaming the victim which leads people to judge and criticize the poor; but in doing this, they are swinging to the other extreme and ignoring the person’s role in creating their poverty. And so, then there is too much focus on resources and outer causes and not enough focus on healing the person’s mind and soul. And in the educational system and in the social service nonprofits, legally, they are not allowed to talk about religion at all, thus ignoring the person’s spiritual inner world or lack thereof. Nonprofits are not legally permitted to promote any particular religious beliefs, unless they are just a church.

The main cause of poverty is the person’s state of consciousness, period end. If you cannot do something to effectively help the person heal their state of consciousness, then even if you do help them to get back on their feet financially, they will continue to have problems in their life and make the same mistakes over and over again if they are not getting the lessons from their poverty experiences and finding out that they, themselves, are the main cause of their poverty. It isn’t about the economy or what someone did to them or a lack of resources in town or a lack of compassionate helping people. It’s about their choices and their lack of discernment, it’s about their inappropriate behaviors such as their angry judgmental ways or their lack of respect for authority, or any number of other things.

And the success or failure or struggles of the poverty-relief organizations is not about how many donations or grants they are getting or how many resources they and others can offer. The main cause of success or failure of the agency is the state of consciousness of those working there, and to some extent their abilities and talents in what they are doing. Their state of consciousness is what creates their programs, their management, their funding methods and how or if they help, and whom, and when, and how much.

The state of consciousness of the victim of poverty determines their choices of people, jobs, careers, proper food choices, good doctors, types of careers, education, friends, mates, financial decisions, everything….consciousness creates everything. Heal the consciousness, and you heal the helper and the client. Don’t heal their insides, their inner poverty, and you won’t be helping them all that much as it will be only a temporary lifting until they repeat the same bad choices and behaviors once again.

One other thing I kept seeing was that many people in poverty are simply not “employable.” They do not have the appearance, the personality, the attitudes, the work ethics, the behaviors and emotional states that are needed to be able to get a job and keep a job. They have lots of inappropriate behaviors that are very obvious and no one would ever hire them. Some have no respect for authority and will become verbally abusive against their boss and get fired every time. Some always want to be the boss and cannot accept any orders or directions. Some are mentally ill. Some are mentally retarded. Some have serious speech impediments. Some refuse to dress appropriately or use proper hygiene. And yet all of these social service agencies act like they are perfectly employable and they run them through their various job hunting programs and financial assistance programs expecting them to be able to find employment soon. It just isn’t going to happen. If they get the proper therapy or help, maybe, but some cannot do this. The mentally retarded or speech impeded person cannot be healed of this malady and therefore will not be able to get a job. Rarely, they can get hired, but in very menial low-paying positions. And the drug and alcoholic addicts, if you cannot get them to change their addictions and to stay sober, they cannot get a job, or if they do get a job they will lose their job, and they usually are in poverty because they spend all of their money on booze or drugs and so then cannot pay their rent or buy themselves food.

Even if the helping agency is only helping on Level 1, it’s better than not helping at all. We want to help ease the suffering of the homeless and the poor. We believe they should still have a chance at life, and so we feed them to keep them alive, and we give them shelter to protect them from the weather and the suffering that’s involved in living on the street. Any compassionate, understanding, kind person would want to relieve their suffering. But what I learned, myself, was that if where I work they are not helping in the way that I think would be effective and healing enough, then why do I stay there? I could decide to just find another agency that is working this on the higher levels, but really, the only level I would feel comfortable working it is at its highest level, where I am at myself, in helping people through the ascension levels. I keep getting guidance and channeling over and over again that it is not my mission or purpose to help the poor on these lower levels. I am not here to help them to progress within the matrix. My mission is to help people to get out of the matrix!

I also found I was very concerned with the educational system and what they are teaching future social workers and future psychologists nowadays. What they are teaching does not create excellent social workers and psychologists, it just puts them into illusions and makes their work largely ineffective. It is all based on science, theories and social research.

Social work is a field that should have stayed within the religious community, although on the other hand, the religious community could not and still cannot handle the huge numbers of people falling into poverty nowadays. They cannot possibly get enough donations to cover everyone’s need for help. But by putting this work into the hands of nonreligious organizations, it is making it a cold, scientific sort of process with no help spiritually for those in poverty, and this is not good.

Psychology also isn’t needed once you are healing yourself through the spiritual realms. Psychologists are not legally allowed to speak of God, morality or religion to their clients, and yet this is what is needed most and if they had more spiritual awareness and help from God and Jesus then they wouldn’t even need psychotherapy. And you can understand why you act and feel as you do, but still not be able to change and God may be the only one who can help you to change.

And so, for me, I just need to work in the area of the highest level of help. There are others who are meant to work on those lower levels of help. God wants everybody where they can get their needed growth. Those working the lower levels of social work can grow into working the higher levels of social work, hopefully.

Where I now work, they are mostly focused on the lowest levels of help, while also struggling to try and get more focused on providing resources and mentoring and job hunting help, but floundering with this. They cannot seem to even consider the last two highest levels.

So, that’s what I’ve learned working in the area of social work, and taking classes in social work and psyche. I am going to be leaving the matrix of social work and psychology and the whole educational system very soon. I still have a desire to relieve the suffering and pain of the poor, and my compassion for their predicaments is still there, but I can leave knowing that there are others working on helping them and that my mission is to help the ascended masters to progress on out of the matrix.


Author's Bio: 

Zarla Leah has worked for a nonprofit poverty-relief organization for over two years, doing resource referrals and mentoring. She has also worked as a minister for a new age center and as a manager for a Sedona spiritual retreat. She mainly wants to focus on writing books and articles about ascension and enlightenment, as well as on doing her mystical artwork.