Although we are awake living our life, we are not always “awake” in terms of being totally aware of what really is as opposed to what we think really is. Everyone on earth is asleep to some extent; that is, they have illusions about themselves, people, life, and situations…even ascended masters have illusions and aren’t always “awake.” Ascension has its levels. On this ascension path, you will find that you awaken, then sleep, awaken, then sleep, and this goes on and on until you reach the point when you are always awake, always “seeing”, always clear, always healthy, always peaceful and joyful and right on with divine guidance in every moment.

Until you reach that point, however, you will experience periods of total clarity, power and health, and in those moments it is important to focus on your spiritual mission and express your creativity, while getting your divine guidance concerning everything in your life. As you progress in truth, you will find yourself experiencing more and more periods of clarity, health and creativity, and less and less periods of confusion and ill health. Keep channeling the real truth, talk with Jesus frequently, pray every day for insights and healing and God’s turning around what the dark forces are trying to do to you and your situations. Don’t give up no matter how difficult things seem and no matter how long your troubles seem to go on. Stay focused on your highest goals and dreams, know God is helping you to progress, know that God is taking you into total ascension.

Ascension up out of the matrix involves letting go of enculturization. I recently had to break through my attachments and false beliefs concerning social work and also concerning religion. And before those two enlightenments, I had to break through my illusions concerning our educational system. One cannot leave the matrix without letting go of every single illusion that’s contained in the matrix, and this can take years as we have been so immersed in this society and world for so very long now.

You know, you think you already are clear on that stuff, but then you find you are not strong enough in the truth because you tend to fall back into old illusions in those areas probably because everyone around you is so caught up in those illusions that you start thinking you were wrong when you were right. Uggh. The pain of awakening. The shocks of it. But keep your faith and eyes on your ultimate goals, to fulfill your spiritual mission, to ascend higher, to attain inner peace, to attract the blessings that God has waiting for you. Imagine yourself living the lifestyle you want to live, check to see if that’s what God wants you to do, make sure it isn’t about greed or materialism or showing off (yes, ascended masters do still sometimes fall back into those old ways, but they mostly catch themselves doing it and shift back into ascension almost immediately).

I constantly observe what the dark forces are doing and trying to get me to think, feel and do, and this helps me to awaken further each and every day.

I’d like to say that ascension and the path to enlightenment is easy, but it is usually very difficult and very painful. Pain comes to you when you find out you have been off-track with something you have long believed in and acted upon. Not the pain of guilt, but there is a pain of shock, a pain of realizing that the whole world seems to believe in something that you just found out is untrue and even harmful. And it goes on and on and on.

And then there is the pain of being so alone, seeing and knowing things that everyone else seems to not know anything about, and if you tried to tell them they would certainly think you are some sort of lunatic and maybe have you committed! Right now, I happen to live in a small city in the mountains where everyone here seems to be asleep to a large degree. It is a very conservative, traditional, middle class, mostly Christian town, where no one believes in anything metaphysical and only a few people believe in alternative methods of healing and eating. This is actually the first town I have ever lived in where this was the case. Other places where I have lived had quite a few nontraditional people and nontraditional places to go to. I have been extremely alone here; that is, I have acquaintances that I like, but I have not made any real close friendships here because I cannot find anyone anywhere in this city who knows what I know and is on my level of awareness. It’s a very lonely place to be in. I feel like I am from another planet. I no longer connect to much of anything on this planet. It’s so much illusion. So, I have to move, I have to find my people, if you know what I mean, and continue on with my life into doing things beyond my current cycle of experience which I have now outgrown. Sound familiar?

I could be presenting myself to you as some great and wise spiritual being who never has any problems or pains, who has ascended beyond everything and is in total light, love and peace, but of course that would not be the real me and I couldn’t do that to you. I am just like you. I have been through Hell on earth, I have made lots of mistakes, but I can look back and see my amazing progress and growth and so I don’t feel that bad, I just feel I am progressing, you know. And I have farther to go. I may know more than most, I may have powers that others may not have, but I am here to keep growing and keep ascending. There is no egotism in ascension. It is very hard and painful work. It requires humility to keep going on up. If you fall into superiority feelings and ego insecurities, then you have fallen out of ascension and you had better get it together to go back into ascension mode. People can and do fall out of ascension, or into lower levels of ascension, but then they just work on getting back up and progressing.

I ascended in 2007, but ascension just means that when you reach a certain degree of light you are no longer in judgements, angers and guilts. That is the beginning level of ascension. Then you keep ascending up by discovering more and more truth, seeing mistakes you made, and getting clearer on the reasons and causes of everything in your life. So, I have been working on ascending up through the levels for about six years now.
Be wary of those who will tell you to just let go of the past and stop trying to figure it out. It sounds like a good idea, but it has some serious traps to it. You absolutely must keep looking at your past and processing through it to understand it and what created it, to look at your social involvements, your work involvements, and ask yourself do I totally understand this now so that I can fully let it go. Many of the emotions you are experiencing are from past experiences and past consciousness and not from who you are now and your current experiences. Heal your past, and then your present becomes much easier and much more peaceful. It is like when you die, and on the other side you do your life reviews, you gain more understanding of your life and who you were and all that you did, and you keep going over it and processing through it until you can release it, take the lessons from it, and then move on into a new lifetime where you might not need to repeat those same experiences to get that life lesson more fully. Well, in ascension mode on earth, it’s like you are doing all of that processing of your life and your past, but you are just doing it on this side instead of on the other side because in ascension mode, the process is a bit different.

In the past history of earth, many have ascended here to high levels, but at those levels they could not see any reasons to remain on the planet since they had transcended all of the world’s illusions and growth experiences, and they saw that everyone was still to asleep for them to be able to wake them up or help them very much and so they just left and decided to reincarnate onto a higher level planet. Some are still doing this, but some of us I believe are meant to remain on this planet at this time to help the world with its ultimate ascension. Since the world is so very darkened at this time, however, we may have to group together within our own groups, our own communities, away from the rest, until the planet becomes more enlightened, as living amongst those in darkness in a world system of matrix that we no longer believe in just doesn’t make much sense to me. We were not meant to go on all alone, one lighted person in a city full of asleep people, hoping to possibly come across one or two that are like us and then continue trying to pull up people that refuse to change.

Some so-called ascension experts will tell you that you will experience physical pains in the ascension process and that this is just because of the pain of what you are releasing and it is normal and expected. Well, this is not exactly true. The pain comes from emotions and memories of the past troubles in your life and in your past lives that you buried down into your cells because you didn’t want to feel those emotions and could not allow yourself to feel them because you had to keep it together and function and work, etc, etc. What happens is that dark forces do dark magic on your cell memories, stimulating those emotional memories, and that brings the physical pain. It isn’t about who you are now and what you know now; it’s about they’re stimulating old emotions and memories. The dark forces hope that by doing this, they can pull you back into the old false beliefs that created those emotions in your past and that they can pull you back into your old self and old ways and beliefs, which involved a certain amount of darkness and untruth. They do this to you because they don’t want you to accomplish your spiritual mission for God on earth. You are here to do something that lightens up the world and brings everyone closer to God and Heaven on Earth. The Devil and his demons and his henchmen want darkness on earth and depravity.

We are the pioneers, the lightworkers, who are here to eventually create a Heavenly Earth of love, peace and joy, living in total truth. I still believe this is coming, I don’t know when, and we must not lose this vision and give up on it just because at this time the earth looks so very dark.

Although we are meant to create this new, enlightened, peaceful, loving earth, a Heaven on Earth, this doesn’t mean we are meant to fall into what’s called, “Hedonism.” This is the mistake that the hippies made, they fell into hedonism. They slipped down into drugs, some of the darker rock and roll, promiscuity and immorality in sexuality, and false beliefs. I understand it, I did it myself, but I found it to be unsatisfying and something in me couldn’t fully ever go there and stay there. I believe in monogamy and committed marriage relationship. I don’t believe in free love, promiscuity and drugs. I know, they wanted to love everybody and make love to everybody out of love, but you know, it didn’t turn out that way, it didn’t work, it just turned into a lot of pain and sorrow.

There are some hippies out there in spiritual communities who have a lot of the right ideas, but they are still in hedonism with their sexuality, and maybe they even still smoke pot, and this is their attempt at pleasure, joy and fun in life. They know this is one of the goals, but they go about getting it in the wrong ways. They use the excuse of “tantra” to be sexually promiscuous and say they believe in loving everyone, but this is just dark force influences on their thinking, and anyway, that’s not what tantra is really about! True tantra is done in a committed marriage of two highly ascended beings where the bliss between their oneness energies is so great that they do not need to or want to do the sexual act to achieve orgasm, it just happens as each of them at the same time experience shaktipod.

And then there’s the phoney shamans and ascended masters. Mostly, shamans and ascended masters do not go around telling everyone they are shamans or ascended masters, and they don’t charge people lots of money to learn shamanism or ascension. They are not into egotism at all, and they tend to keep quiet about their ascension or their shamanism. I’m only telling you about myself because you do not know me personally and I have to say I’m in ascension in order for you to be able to relate to and learn something from what I am writing. But if I met you in person, I would not be telling you I am ascended or I am a shaman and I would not be charging you money to learn something about this from me. If you were to ask me am I in ascension and tell me you are, well then that’s okay and I’d say yes, I am too, let’s talk about it. But most of these phoney shamans and ascended masters either know they aren’t, or they think they are, but aren’t. Be very careful. You don’t need their trainings or their books; all you need is to pray to God to ascend you into more and more enlightenment, and you can talk with Jesus and learn how to do that, and then just be open to learning, changing, and being wrong sometimes, let go of judgment, anger and guilt, deal with the fear that comes up all through the ascension process through prayer and channeling ascended masters, and that’s your ascension process. You don’t need any other earthly counselor for this. I did it this way, and you can do it this way, as well.

I’m just here for you in writing as a sort of support system, to talk about the things you know or the things you think you know so that you don’t feel all alone in it, so that you see that there is someone else out there knowing these things, seeing these things, and going through these things like you are.

I am also here to share some things with you I have learned and am learning. If you don’t agree with me, just ask God to show you if I am right or wrong, and He will show you.

Early on in my ascension process, I would sometimes panic because I couldn’t understand something or find any answer to something that I felt was very important, and since I was all alone going through ascension alone, I found I could turn to God and He would heal my panic and provide me with an answer; and once I knew that, if I would start to panic again, I’d tell myself, “You know there’s an answer in there somewhere and you know God can show you the answer and you know that then you won’t feel anxious about it,” and then eventually I never panicked about that sort of thing again.

Leaving the matrix is leaving everything you have ever been taught to be and do. It is leaving the educational system, the work system, the cities, the materialism, the focus on appearances, the trying to fit in, the trying to get society’s approval or your group’s approval, the hiding what you really believe and who you really are to protect yourself. It’s leaving everything society taught you. It’s leaving friends and family that no longer fit in with your current beliefs and desires for a different sort of lifestyle.

You can do this by joining a spiritual community, or by making new friends on your level of ascension and then creating your own community or center or farm or whatever. You might want to become involved in some spiritual mission project in the city before you finally leave the city to live close to nature in a spiritual community, and that’s fine if that’s God’s guidance for you. Not all of you are meant to leave the city or the matrix, but you are all meant to reach high levels of ascension. I want to leave because I am tired of interacting with asleep people who wouldn’t understand who I am, what I believe, or what I want to do. They are all around me, and the city where I live is full of the asleep people. I love many of them, and I wish I could wake them up, but only God and Jesus can wake them up. I am meant to help those who are in ascension who are working on getting out of the matrix. I have just begun doing this through my articles, where I share with you what I have learned about this so far, and I will continue sharing with you all once I am out of the matrix, sharing \with you my progress with my mission. My mission is to help ascended masters to ascend higher and get out of the matrix. Those who are still in the matrix will not understand my articles. Those who have already left the matrix won’t need my articles. So I am speaking to those of you who are still in the matrix and yet trying to get out of it. I am right there with you, trying to get out of it, but I feel I am very soon to leave th

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Zarla Leah is a writer, artist, social worker and minister. Her current ministry is writing about ascension and enlightenment levels, changes in lifestyle that are nontraditional, and leaving cities to join spiritual communities. She writes about the future ascension of the planet. She shares with readers her own ascension journey.