Your comfort zone is that 'safe' place where you can exist without challenges and/or change! Now as comfortable as this may be it is NOT an environment in which you can expect to experience growth either personally or professionally! For anybody trying to build an affiliate business online it will be particularly necessary to continually push yourself to learn and experience new things! As uncomfortable as this may be it is the ONLY way to grow an affiliate business so it's best to accept and embrace this fact!

Here are 5 ways in which affiliates can expect to experience growth in both themselves and their business by pushing themselves and learning 'new' things!

Increases Skill Set/Knowledge

The first and obvious benefit that occurs when you push yourself to explore and learn something new is the education you receive! Of course when working online this education typically includes acquiring new skills as well that you can apply in your efforts to grow an affiliate business!

Increases Self Confidence

Acquiring new knowledge or skills that you applied successfully typically instills in you the feeling of 'world conquering' confidence! This feeling is essential in giving you the encouragement to take risks or try something new and in this way you experience growth on a personal level! You are now more willing to venture forward into the unknown not with the feeling of dread but rather confident anticipation!

Increases Motivation

By applying what you learn and seeing positive results will motivate anybody to repeat the process all over again! Knowing you 'can' naturally motivates you to push yourself further which is something you MUST be willing to continually do to succeed online!

Increases Competitive Edge

Possessing new skills and additional knowledge serves to make you a more formidable competitor and strengthens your affiliate business! Affiliates working online know full well that theirs is a highly competitive industry and that they must continue to learn in order to prosper!

Stimulates 'Thirst'

The more you learn the more you realize how little you know and this compels people to 'thirst' for making additional improvements! The key is to place into action what knowledge or skills you've acquired so that you can experience the benefits and confirmation that your efforts are NOT being wasted! Who out there does not develop a yearning to continue along the same path that gives you the results you want or need?

Your comfort zone is NOT the place you need to be if you expect to experience growth in your affiliate business! Being successful marketing online requires for you to push yourself to learn new things and apply what you learned! Although this may sound terribly uncomfortable it's important to recognize the 5 ways above you'll experience growth and how this translates into building a prosperous affiliate business!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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