Energy saving is now a global concern and every country is worried about the fact that our natural resources are ending fast. Led means light- emitting diode. The major concern of the companies or work place is to reduce their electricity bills and save the energy, for this reason most of the companies are turning to LED replacement bulbs . Another reason for switching from regular bulb to LED replacement bulb is that they are eco- friendly. There are many companies who are living on the strategy of promoting green energy through their logo “ think green and act green “ and that becomes their strength and approach.

Everyone is aware of the fact that LED replacement bulbs cost you less as compared to the regular ones, thus, they are cost effective. These bulbs use less energy than the current incandescent light, in this way they are energy efficient as well. The regular bulb use more power and produces more heat, whereas LED replacement bulb produce 15 percent less heat. They are cool in nature, which helps in lowering down the air conditioner bills for homes as well as offices. LED are energy saving bulbs and easy to install. Nowadays, automobile industries are also using Led bulbs in car tail lights. These energy saving bulbs are used in traffic lights, electronic panel and in homes that makes the atmosphere come alive. These energy efficient bulbs are long lasting, their durability is good and solid, and these are not damaged easily under any conditions as compared to regular incandescent bulb that is damaged easily. Most of the countries are also opting for LED replacement bulbs as compared to incandescent traffic light as the electricity cost can be reduced by 80 percent.

There is a symbiotic relationship between energy and environment. LED retrofit is a lighting system that saves energy and helps in reducing electricity bills. These are a perfect solution for energy saving. The lighting can be improved by LED retrofits and this new technology increase dependability and prolonged existence to the system. With the help of specific designs, certain lighting issue can be easily prevailed over. The harmful discharge from off site power generator is also controlled by the LED technology. With the advancement of the modernity, technology is improved in terms of quality. Led Retrofits are now used in various application such as lighting for homes, cove, exhibits lights, underwater lights, work place, architecture details and many other purposes.

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