Food Calcium in Milligrams

Hijiki* 1,400
Wakame* 1,300
Kelp* 1,099
Kombu* 800
Brick cheese 682
Dried wheat grass .
or barley grass 514
Sardines 443
Agar-agar* 400
Nori* 260
Almonds 233
Amaranth grain 222
Hazelnuts 209
Parsley 203
Turnip greens 191
Brazil nuts 186
Sunflower seeds 174
Watercress 151
Garbanzo beans 150
Quinoa 141
Black beans 135
Pistachios 135
Pinto beans 135
Kale 134
Spirulina 131
Yogurt 121
Milk 119
Collard greens 117
Sesame seeds 110
Chinese cabbage 106
Tofu 100
Walnuts 99
Okra 82
Salmon 79
Cottage cheese 60
Eggs 56
Brown rice 33
Bluefish 23
Halibut 13
Chicken 11
Ground beef 10
Mackerel 5

*These sea vegetables are now available in most whole-food stores. In this chart, their calcium content is based on dried samples.

Calcium inhibitors:

1. Coffee, soft drinks, and diuretics
2. Excesses of protein, especially meat
3. Refined sugar or too much of any concentrated sweetener or sweet-flavored food
4. Alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes
5. Too little or too much exercise
6. Excess salt
7. The Solanum genus of vegetables. Tomatoes,potatoes, eggplant, and bell peppers contain the calcium inhibitor solanine.

Times of Increased Calcium Requirements

During periods of growth:
in childhood and adolescence during pregnancy and lactation older people assimilate less calcium during rapid mental/spiritual growth women have greater needs after menopause

In the presence of:
heart and vascular disease, including hypertension (high blood pressure) bone disorders, including bone deterioration, easily fractured bones, arthritis, and tooth-and-gum problems including pyorrhea most nervous system disorders

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