A lender has launched a new fixed bonds package.

People looking for a competitive fixed rate bonds savings accounts package may be interested in a new deal being offered by one financier.

In news which may also be of note to anybody who already has Leeds Building Society fixed rate bonds, the lender announced yesterday (January 26th 2011) that it has introduced an 18-month product which has an annual equivalent rate of 3.15 per cent.

Additionally, the deal offers customers flexibility and more peace of mind in terms of their savings as they are allowed to access a quarter of the funds they contain at any time without the need for notice or encountering a penalty for doing so.

Kim Rebecchi, sales and marketing director at Leeds Building Society, commented that this represents "market leading combinations" and added that interested people should visit one of the lender's branches to discuss their options.

Research conducted by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank showed recently that there is more than £6 billion stashed in forgotten savings in the UK.

Meanwhile, ISAs should be part of every investment portfolio, an expert has said.

Taking the opportunity to compare savings on the best ISAs deals available in the UK should be an essential part of all people's method of working, it has been suggested.

According to Andrew Barker, chief operating officer at Skipton Financial Services, products such as cash ISAs represent the "one tax-efficient gift the government does give you", meaning that they should form an "essential part of every investment portfolio".

Mr Barker explained that "only around a third" of the adult population in Britain currently hold an ISA, with the majority of these people then failing to top up their savings annually.

"Therefore, with the end of the current tax-year looming, we would urge people to take advantage of their full ISA allowance, or risk losing it forever," he added.

Meanwhile, Richard Talbot of Credit Action said recently that consumers are now more aware of the need to save for the future.

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