Since the year 2005, India is a member of the Hague Convention that has abolished the need for legalization of foreign public documents. Apostille is accepted in 105 member countries of the convention. Apostille is required for all kinds of personal documents like death, birth as well as marriage certificates along with affidavits, educational documents like degree, matriculation and secondary level certificates.

Any document that is apostilled in one of the member countries is accepted in all 104 member countries. These help in simplifying the whole process of attestation by making it completely needless to get all the documents attested in each country.

Because of Covid quarantine requirements, it is becoming difficult to secure apostilles for certifying documents, as well as the legalization of POA and FSC. Before Covid-19 requesting an apostille was entirely done by in-person appointment or courier service or mail. When Government offices remained closed to public walk-in requests, it became challenging to estimate how to efficiently finish up the apostille process during the pandemic. The kinds of documents are highly significant and its processing can't be kept in halt. It may put people in several kinds of problems and delays.

Legalization and apostille process is needed when any official document from one country is needed to submit for getting recognition in another country. For any company in any country, the appropriate office should issue the apostille and it differs based on the kind of document that needs certification and whether the apostille is submitted to a country that is a signatory to the 1961convention abolishing the requirement for legalization for foreign documents.

The effect of Covid-19 on the whole process of the apostille is a state by state inquiry as well as the country by the country inquiry as in each country there are different precautions. It all depends on the office closure, along with existing availability of the air freight in the country where the apostille is needed to be submitted. Because of all delays and irregularities occurring due to pandemic, legalization and apostille of POA and FSC Hague convention countries have been relaxed by the Government for better and quicker processing.
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