There are times when vehicle leasing makes more sense than an outright purchase. Business owners, for instance, can use fleet leasing programs to get valuable tax write-offs and other tax breaks not available to purchasers of corporate cars and trucks. Individuals can also use auto leasing services for short-term needs after an accident, or longer term needs like daily commuting.

Not all leases are alike, and it is important to seek out the services of an expert, whether you need fleet leasing services, used car leasing or corporate auto leasing. That is what makes Leggat National Leasing such a great resource for both individual drivers and business owners. At Leggat National Leasing, we bring more than 25 years worth of fleet leasing and vehicle leasing experience to the table, all to help you get the best possible vehicle at the lowest possible price.

Leggat National Leasing prides itself in helping businesses of all sizes put together the vehicle fleet leasing program they need. If you only need a few vehicles to keep your business on the move, we can help you with the car leasing you need to reduce your tax bill and keep your business running smoothly.

If your corporate auto leasing needs are more extensive, we can help you there as well. Our experienced network of experts can help you put together the fleet leasing solutions your business needs, even if you need hundreds of vehicles for your firm. We will help you find the right vehicles for your business, whether you need a heavyweight fleet of trucks or just a lot full of daily drivers.

Unlike many other leasing companies, Leggat National Leasing can help you out with used car leasing as well. There are many times when used car leasing is the best solution, and we can help you identify those situations and make the most of them. If you are a business owner, including used cars in your fleet leasing program can save your company money and help your limited dollars go further. For individuals, used car leasing can also be a money saver, and a great way to try out the model you are considering before you make a purchase.

No matter what your auto leasing needs, Leggat National Leasing can help you get the vehicles you need at a monthly payment you can afford. Whether your goal is to save money on taxes or just get to work every day, we can put you in the vehicle you need and want.

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If you’ve decided that car leasing makes sense for you, visit Leggat National Leasing at to get in touch with one of their professional staff members and inquire about a auto leasing arrangement that’s right for you.