I know times are rough with the economy and a lot of people being laid off. As a parent I know you worry about your kids and some would rather stay home but also have some way to get legit work from jobs. They are out there but you must remember that this is work and you must put in the hours if you plan on making working from home a reliable means of income.

If you are motivated and have a computer then you can find legit work from home jobs. Having a quiet place to work is essential in your success to working from home. A lot of the jobs I have found that you do not need to work 9 – 5 but rather get the project done by a specified deadline. You can then schedule and mange your time effectively while kids nap or at night.

If you like to write then there are many freelance writing opportunities for you. I must admit that I got my start writing for Suite101 and Examiner. I didn’t do it for the money but more so for the experience and to build my writing portfolio for potential employers. I wrote for them for awhile to build up my writing skills and to have all of my articles in one spot. Make sure if you are writing for the Examiner that you pick a subject that really interest you and that you are familiar with. Both of these jobs pay per page view.

Once I got a pretty good portfolio online I started to work for BrightHub. Working for BrightHub was a great experience and gave me good knowledge of how to write articles for online publication. You will work closely with an editor which is a great experience to have. The editors there are always available and willing to help. The community is full of very smart people who write good articles. The pay is $10 per article plus pay views. Not a lot of money but well worth the experience.

I then started to have people approach me about other writing opportunities by having my articles published online. My ultimate plan was working. You must work very hard depending on how bad you want it.

One day while looking for other writing opportunities I came across Elance. This site is terrific. There are all kinds legit work from home jobs on this site. It is comprised of Employers who are looking for people to do specific projects or jobs. You place a bid for the job that interest you and write a job proposal, the potential employers either accept or rejects the bid. Most employers will look for people with good reviews from other employers so to land that first job will take some work.

What I did for my first job was bid low and write an awesome business proposal after doing much research. I finally figured out which business proposal people liked. I did not pay for a membership until I got my first job. You can pick one category with a free membership and apply for a certain amount of jobs per month in that category which is fine in the beginning till you start making money.

Once I got a job I then got a membership to apply for jobs in other categories and receive priority connections which places your bid at the top of the list of other bids. I highly recommend this site and wish you happy bidding.

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