This is one of the most neglected part of the body. You see a lot of these weightlifters that have huge upper bodies, but their legs are as skinny as a chicken. It just doesn't look right. They are neglecting the most important part of their body that gives them balance and strength. I guess the legs are something that doesn't need to be shown off, only the upper body. Well, honestly that is not the whole point of having good size legs.

Legs will help boost your strength in your lifts. Your legs are your foundation for strength exercise and it helps with strengthening your core (abs). As a matter of fact your legs releases extra growth hormones and testosterone. Also your legs will use up more calories than other body parts, because of their size and the time it takes to recover. Also when you have imbalance, meaning your upper body is big and your lower body are bird legs, your body will recognize it and will be little difficult to go further in your mass.

Legs are a very integral part of the body that will give you an edge in just about anything. When you show someone your muscle you usually want to flex the bicep. That is natural. I don't think anybody would want to pull down their pants and show off the quads or hamstrings. Yes, you do have to put in the works for it and it is hard. The quads and the hams are big huge muscles that need to be disciplined so that your strength and testosterone will boost. Oh yes, the calves as well. The legs are the ones that packs on endurance for running, sport fighting and any other kind of sport.

Here are some basic workouts for legs:

Squats: This is the king of legs workout. Depending how far you squat you can actually hit not only the quads, but the hamstrings. This is what will build some size on your legs and give you that tree trunk look. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Hamstring Curls: This is an isolation workout where it will specifically hit the hamstrings. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions and feel the affects tomorrow.

Calf Raises: the upside down heart shaped muscle on your bottom leg. Genetically some people are blessed to have size and do not really need to work them out. Others need to work 4x harder just to get an inch on there. But no worries. That's what it is all about. Things are not given to you all the time. You have to earn it, by working hard. Seated calf raise or standing calf raise is what will help. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions and you'll be good.

If you're not a gym rat and you prefer no weights there are other variations of exercises you can do to not only bring size to the legs, but have some good cardiovascular while you're at it. Bicycling is all about endurance and tones up the legs. Not to mention it will bring some good size muscles to the legs and bottom. Running is also a good exercise to bring out the tone and size.

Take care of your legs and watch your strength go shooting through the roof.

Author's Bio: 

James Pappoe is a Certified ISSA Personal Fitness Trainer, a mix martial artist, mix martial arts coach, strength and conditioning coach and a performing strongman that performs feats of strength. He has performed in front of a live crowd of 10,000 on the island of Haiti. Not to mention those that watched him live on television throughout the island of Dominican Republic and Haiti. James has performed at events, festivals, schools, churches and juvenile halls.