Pushkar, a easygoing part of the great Indian Thar Desert, is like any other pleasant desert city with its own way of life enriched with absorbing history, amazing legends and unique anecdotes. Situated in the Ajmer district of the magnificent state of Rajasthan, Pushkar is regarded as one of the oldest cities in Hindustaan. well-known for its cultural charm and distinctiveness, Pushkar is one of the most visited places in Rajasthan.

Apart from the pleasant desert life it offers, Pushkar is known as one of the holy places in Hindu legends. Often linked to Hindu God, Lord Shiva, Pushkar is a meeting point of his devotees seeking blessings and salvation. However, Pushkar is most well-known for its annual fair held every year in November.

Already a well-liked destination for Indian tourist, Pushkar, in recent times, has grab attention of international tourists who throng in large numbers to spectator the amazing blend of nature and festivities. Amazingly, tourists from Israel outnumber other visitors, making this city a miniature description of the country. No speculate, Pushkar is full of signpost in Hebrew and it is always easier to find Israeli food in the city than anything else. This is partially because, a lot of young Israeli men visit Pushkar as a part of their army training and partly because those who come here bring back more people from their country. The word-of-mouth, stories have made Pushkar evolve as tourist friendly destination in India.

In reality, Pushkar is just a small settlement by a beautiful lake which has a good-looking fable behind its survival. The Legend has it that this lake was born out f Lord Shiva’s moan for his dead wife sati. Beside the lake, an array of temples adorns the city. Though, the original old temples were lost in history, the existent temples are evenly famous. The Savitri temple is one of the most visited temples in the city and the panoramic view of the city from the temple is probably the most magnificent thing to witness in Pushkar. However, it’s not just the hill rising out of a desert. It’s the hill that has two lovely facets; one side green with plants and the other side being a bed of barren grays.

The annual Pushkar Camel Fair in November sets the perfect environment for a visit to this city. The camel race in the fair is almost certainly the best adrenaline rush one can seek in the desert. Apart from the bundle activity of the fair and the mixed breed of wandering travelers adding more color, Pushkar has another serene side to its appeal. A camel safari at night can be the way to discover this quieter side of the city.

The population of the city, mostly comprising of people from the Bisnoi community are this amazing breed known to the world for the very good love they show for wildlife. Hence, hunting here is not only an offence but also a sin. For this same reason, non vegetarian food is not allowed inside the city. A simple life without the intricacies of human follies is what Pushkar represents in one line. Here, people celebrate the happiness of survival with music, dance and food, not with other artificial stimulants like alcohol. Consumption of the forbidden things is, however, permitted outside the city boundaries.

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