No set of articles can give you information on all the herbs and supplements that can help lower your cholesterol because there just wouldn't be room. Therefore below is a list of other herbs that you may want to look into a little more closely and are will cover some of the other more mainstream supplements later in individual articles...

Aloe Vera - Amongst its many healing properties, Aloe Vera helps lowers cholesterol and total triglyceride levels in people with elevated levels by increasing the way the liver works. A recommended dose is 20ml. of Aloe Vera juice in an equal amount of water two times a day.

Black Cohosh - Black Cohosh has been used to help treat high cholesterol levels and prevent hardening of the arteries. A recommended dose is 40 mg. of the herb (or the equivalent in tincture form) daily.

Cayenne - Cayenne helps to normalize and lower blood pressure, aid blood circulation but more importantly it lowers cholesterol. This powerful pepper helps the body to process fat without absorbing any and helps the body to excrete these fats through the faeces. Because of these properties, cayenne is said to be one of the best known herbs for reducing cholesterol. Cayennemay be made into a "tea" with a quarter of a teaspoon of cayenne to one cup of hot or cold water.

Dandelion - Some studies suggest that dandelion may help normalize blood sugar levels and improve lipid profiles i.e. lower total cholesterol and triglyceride levels while increasing good cholesterol. Studies have shown that dandelion stimulates the secretion of bile and because bile is made from cholesterol it therefore reduces the amount of cholesterol stored in the body. The fibre in dandelion also locks up bile in the digestive system, preventing cholesterol from being broken down and thus it is eliminated as waste. A recommended dose is 500mg three times a day. People taking diuretics or diabetic medication should consult their healthcare provider before taking this herb.

Guarana - Research shows Guarana is an emulsifier of fats and helps reduce total cholesterol levels and prevent arterial sclerosis. I would recommend a daily dose of 50-75mg of Guarana.

Ginseng - This powerful herb is often used in Chinese cooking but according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, Ginseng helps reduce cholesterol in the body, helps lower blood pressure and thin the blood. I would recommend a daily dose of 200mg of Ginseng. Holy Basil- A herb that may help dissolve accumulated cholesterol from blood vessels and eliminate them from the body via kidneys. I would recommend a daily dose of 300-600mg of dried leaves (or herbal equivalent).

Red Clover - Some of the benefits of Red Clover is cholesterol regulation. Red Clover can raise levels of good cholesterol which help remove bad cholesterol from the body. It also strengthens the artery walls and prevents plaque build up. I would recommend a daily dose of 80mg of Red Clover.

Saffron - Compounds in Saffron may have some effects on lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. I would recommend a daily dose of 30mg of Saffron.
Spirulina - Spirulina or blue green algae is readily available as a supplement and is often used as a stimulant to increase energy. However, studies have shown that 4 grams of spirulina daily can lead to a reduction in serum cholesterol (by up to 4.5 %), triglycerides and LDL levels after only eight weeks.

Turmeric - A powerful herb used in curry dishes, turmeric contains curcumin which lowers LDL levels and improves blood circulation. I would recommend a daily dose of 400mg three times a day.

Of course as with all medical advice you should not consume these herbs without consulting with your general practitioner or health care provider. As these are some of the lessen known supplements that can be used in the treatment of high cholesterol, I would strongly recommend that you consult a qualified herbalist or follow the recommended dosages for the supplement that you chose as doses of these herbs need to be carefully administered.

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