Lesson 6

Unleashing Your Why in Life

By now, I’m sure you’re well on the way to finding or perhaps you have already found that spark inside your heart. That spark is what ignites that roaring fire of desire deep inside of you. I salute you! You’re doing something that most people never achieve. You’re discovering your ultimate Why in life. Writing your Why is a process, and you can rewrite it as many times as you need in the beginning phase. Every great accomplishment starts with one step towards its achievement.

The Incredible Power of a 3x5 Card

There is one more secret that I have to tell you before we continue our discussion on the Why. You are likely wondering “how” you will achieve your Why. I believe that 95% of your success will be a direct result of the power behind your Why and only 5% will come from how you will actually accomplish it. In other words, don’t worry so much about the how, just keep focusing on the Why at this point. My own experience is that if your Why is strong enough, then you will never have to worry about the how. Strangely enough, the how will present itself. I’ve seen it happen many times.

Now, let’s talk about the power of your Why. The way for you to unleash the explosive power locked inside of your Why is simple. Grab a 3x5 index card. I’ll say that once again. Grab a 3x5 index card. This is a million dollar tool, but it is so simple that most people won’t do it! You could have expensive software that will allow you to create a fancy, multi-colored, seven-dimension, micro-chip implanted Why card. You could have every fancy tech gadget under the sun, but this little 3x5 index card will change your life. It will massively change your life!

At the top of the index card write “My Why Card” in big letters. Then, write your personal Why statement on this card beginning with “My Why is.” After you’ve done that, you must commit to reading it over and over and over again! The power of the “Why Card” lies in its mobility. You can take it everywhere you go, and you will never lose focus on the achievement of your Why.

With every challenge or obstacle in life that you face, simply face it head on and READ YOUR WHY CARD. Start internalizing your Why in your mind, your heart and your spirit. It will change your life forever, and you will never go back to that point you were at before you found your Why.

The 1st Seven Minutes of Each Day

Listen up…this is your coach speaking. One of the most important daily action steps is that you read your Why Card for the first seven minutes of your day. It is of the highest importance that you spend the first seven minutes of every day reading your Why card. That’s right. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing that you MUST do is read your Why Card. It’s called the “Why Rollover.” Rollover, grab your Why card and read it!

Imagine reading your Why Card the first seven minutes of your day instead of picking your cell phone up, checking your email, clicking on TV and watching everything bad that is happening in the world. Isn’t your Why more important to you than those things? Start internalizing your Why. Start meditating on it for seven minutes early in the morning when you get up. This meditation period will set your day on fire! It will add a snap to your step and a smile to your face, because you know your Why. You know why you do what you do every single day and that you will ultimately achieve your Why in life!

Write this down and say it out loud:

“I have decided that I will read my Why Card every morning for the first seven minutes of my day. I will internalize my Why and feel my heart grow full of joy, excitement, determination, and creativity every day because I know my Why!”

The Last Thing Every Night

What’s the next step? Let me give you another million dollar tip that will catapult your belief in your Why. Here it is. Read your Why Card before going to bed and meditate on it for a few moments. Go over the day and ask yourself, “What did I do today that will assist me in the achievement of my Why?” Then ask yourself, “What can I do tomorrow to improve my daily championship action steps that will ultimately lead to the achievement of my Why?”

Write all these things down in your personal Why journal. Just like the 3x5 index card, use a simple notebook for your Why journal. A Why journal is a tool that you can keep on your night stand or near your bed. Every night, jot your answers to those two questions.

1. “What did I do today that will assist me in the achievement of my Why?”
2. “What can I do tomorrow to improve my daily championship action steps that will ultimately lead to the achievement of my Why?”

These Champion habits will pulverize old, unproductive behaviors. These habits will increase your success pace drastically! I know many of you are saying to yourself, “But, I don’t have time to read the Why Card in the morning and at night.”

Let me ask you a heart-wrenching question, “Are you committed to achieving your Why in life?” If so, then you will soon realize that the amount time you invest reading your Why Card every morning and every night will determine when and if you achieve your Why in life.

The Purpose of Problems

The number of obstacles that you face in life will lay the foundation for massive growth. One of the most important principles to understand as you build your future is that problems have a purpose. A wise man once said, “The doorway to success is camouflaged by problems.” That’s why there are challenges, obstacles and hurdles between you and your Why.
That’s the reason I often say and even wrote in the introduction to this book that my stuttering disability turned into a precious gift in my life. It became the driving force behind me creating the most powerful success key - “Find Your Why.” Success is always hidden by challenges and problems. In solving them, you acquire skills that you need to be a leader.

Just as the butterfly must struggle to shed its cocoon, we all have to struggle to climb out of failure and into success. In fighting its way out of the cocoon, the butterfly develops muscles that it will need to fly. I once heard a man describe trying to help a butterfly get free of its cocoon. He took a knife and cut the cocoon away. The butterfly came out, but then died right before his eyes! That butterfly needed – and we all need – the struggle to achieve.
The great Russian novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn once said, “Even biology teaches us that habitual well-being is not favorable to life.” We all need to struggle our way into success. Striving to succeed will always be part of achieving your Why. When we don’t have struggles or obstacles to overcome, we become complacent, lazy and passive.

My coaching student that wrote the Why statement that you read earlier certainly understands that. That’s the reason that she began her Why by saying, “The reason why I am dealing with all the challenges. . . ” She didn’t flinch at the possibility of obstacles. She embraced them. Just settle it in your mind that you will have challenges, you will have obstacles and you will have hurdles—no question about it!

That same champion student also uses the words, “I actually see…” This is a critically important key in the process of overcoming the problems. You must SEE yourself successful, and you must SEE yourself achieving your Why. That’s why many successful sports trainers make their students visualize the golf ball rolling into the cup, the basketball swooshing the net, the arrow hitting the core of the target, etc. If you see it, you can do it. If you can’t see yourself (visualize) achieving your Why, then your belief in your Why is not strong enough.

The discovery of your Why is a great milestone in your life. You will change, and you will improve yourself. Your interests will change, and you will expand. You will enjoy life even more than you already do. In order for this to happen, you must invest in yourself, face the problems and see yourself achieving your Why.

Author's Bio: 

In September 2001, John Di Lemme founded Di Lemme Development Group, Inc., a company known worldwide for its role in expanding the personal development industry. As President and CEO, John strives for excellence in every area of his business and believes that you must surround yourself with a like-minded team in order to stay on top of your game.

In addition to building a successful company, John has changed lives around the globe as an international motivational speaker that has spoken in over five hundred venues. Over the past thirteen years, he has shared the stage with the best of the best including Rich Devos, Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, and Les Brown only to name a few. This is truly an amazing feat for someone that was clinically diagnosed as a stutterer at a very young age and told that he would never speak fluently.

John truly believes that everyone needs personal development to reach their full potential in life, and his determination to reach all forms of media with his motivational messages has catapulted his career. John has produced over four hundred fifty products and is an accomplished author of thirteen books including his best-selling book, “47 Secrets of Extreme Customer Service.” As a Strategic Business Coach and Small Business Expert, John’s students include doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, consultants, CEOs of million dollar companies, and various other occupations that are thriving in a so-called poor economy. John’s success with his students has made him one of the most highly sought after business coaches in the world.

John’s passion is to teach others how to live a champion life despite the label that society has placed on them. Through his books, audio/video materials, sold-out live seminars, numerous television interviews, intensive training boot camps, weekly tele-classes, Strategic Business Coaching, Closing & Marketing University, Millionaire Affirmation Academy, Small Business Motivational Marketing Daily Tip, and Lifestyle Freedom Club memberships, John has made success a reality for thousands worldwide.