For thousands of years, people lit candles at night, traveled no faster than a horse, and went outside to the bathroom. Men have walked on the moon and traveled faster than sound. Science has enabled so many advances that make life better.

All true progress is in harmony with natural laws that students learn in physics, chemistry or biology. And nowhere is this seen so clearly than in healthcare. Life is a function of health. The better one’s health, the longer the life, and better mental health enables us to understand others and get along in society better.

The business world recognizes this. As Earl Nightingale said, Our rewards in life are in proportion to our service to others. Rewards do not have to be in money. Parents and teachers find satisfaction in helping children to learn and do well in life.

But there’s another side to what science can do. It can build a bomb that can destroy a city…even millions. Scientists working in a laboratory can develop a virus that kills millions. The body has natural immunity, but men looking for vaccines are finding Antibody-Dependent Enhancement that “worsen the disease the vaccine is designed to protect against.” (Wikipedia) Science by itself is not the answer to a better world–we need to find better answers that are found in the library!

The Spanish word for “library” s biblioteca—Bible tech! Yes, the Bible is a library with history most ancient, poetry and pathos in the psalms, principles of business and success in the proverbs, healthcare in Leviticus, law in Deuteronomy, and what’s coming from the Great Teacher (whose life divided BC from AD) in Matthew 24 and the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

But like scientists learning how to make a bomb, all our learning will not help our destiny unless we get the moral teachings from the Ten Commandments, which is also the title of a great movie with the punchline from Moses. When he came down from the mountain and found his people rioting, he said, “There is no freedom without the law!”

For the best personal destiny, we must choose the highest standards of law. If we don’t honor our father and mother who gave us life, we will not have respect for all rightful authority in society. To smash windows or get into fights is joining the dark forces that are pushing the world to destroy itself. We must respect the lives and property of others.

Black lives matter, but so many of them favor abortion that kills more black lives than guns. More black babies are aborted in NYC than are born alive. The sanctity of life and the need for law and order is critical to understand in November or the rioters may be coming to your street and even wanting your house soon.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is a retired physician concerned for America. He has short informational videos on his website at